Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid Protects Italian Police

Delivering 400 Crossovers to Carabinieri

The Alfa Romeo Tonale will be joining the ranks of the Carabinieri, Italy’s dedicated law enforcement unit. The brand will be supplying 400 hybrid vehicles to the organization between July and the end of 2024, to contribute to their fleet of on-the-go communication units spread out all over the country.

The electrified Tonale hybrid provides one and a half liters of power with its four-cylinder engine, resulting in 163 horses paired with Fiat’s seven-speed TCT dual-clutch transmission. The crossover vehicles will take on the iconic red/blue appearance of the historical Marque, complemented by a tasteful white roof.

Alfa Romeo completely revamped the cab of their crossover to accommodate instruments like ballistic vests and guns specifically for law enforcement. They outfitted the Tonale with a single cage for secure prisoner transportation, installing bright blue LED lighting, and equipped a two-tone electric siren. Moreover, it was partially armored so officers could remain safe.

In 1951, the automotive manufacturer provided their initial cars to the Italian military security corps, Carabinieri. They fitted the inaugural 1900 M “Matta” car for use in service. The subsequent model was the sedan-styled 1900 follow shortly afterwards before the Giulia joined up during the 1960s. Also included were quite a few other Alfa vehicles such as the Alfetta, the 90, the 155 and others over the duration of years. Furthermore, a set of high-powered Giulia Quadrifoglio saloons can still be seen today. These autos are featured at the distinguishing Alfa Romeo Museum belonging to the exclusive exhibition labeled “Alfa Romeo in Uniform”.

The arrival of the Tonale will serve to diversify the Carabinieri’s police forces and expand its versatility when dealing with crises. As the first ever compact crossover to become part of the radio patrol division, this car will join the Giulia presently in use by the agency. Recall that the Giulia was initially acquired back in 2021, presenting a significant milestone as this marked half a century since Alfa Romeo offered the very first car to the Italian policing arrangement.

In the many years it has been around, Alfa isn’t the only car manufactures to provide the Carabinieri with autos. Just last year for example, SEAT delivered a modified version of its Leon model featuring what was needed by the police force such as specific armoring, flashing lights, and other appropriate equipment.

Law enforcement agencies around the globe employ copious quantities of diverse models when on active duty, with their selections ever-changing. In America, it’s not unusual to spot Ford Explorers and Dodge Chargers, yet electric vehicles are increasingly appearing in rearview mirrors. Some departments are even enthusiastic to add powerful cars to their fleets so as to be better equipped to track down the swiftest of offenders.

Source: Alfa Romeo

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