2023 Bronco Build: Small Mods Equate to Big Changes

Anyone Can Install Mods with a Wrench

We stand amazed at the complexity of motor transplants and complete body changes; however, this straightforward 2023 Ford Bronco build courtesy of Speed Academy is achievable in any home backyard workshop by folks who can wield a wrench. Although its uncomplicated construction, it verifies that adding some select pieces can revolutionize your Ford SUV into an awesome-looking ride.

Concerning components, the Ford Bronco build was outfitted with a collection of aftermarket fiberglass body pieces, Weathertec floor coverings, an alternate air intake, a bolt-on replacement intercooler, and a Bronco Raptor facade grille.

Quick & Easy 2023 Ford Bronco Build - AMAZING TRANSFORMATION! EP 1

Adding an Eibach lift kit and power side steps to your vehicle isn’t typically a straightforward task; however, if you’re knowledgeable in this area, then it’s certainly feasible to get the job done without utilizing a hydraulic lift. All that’s needed is a sound set of jackstands.

Concerning the outward components, these were sourced from Advanced Fiberglass Concepts (AFC). This company produces pre-packaged sets specifically for the Bronco, claiming that their components simply plug in, needing just basic cutting. Nevertheless, in order to fit an external grille from elsewhere, builders had to tailor the widebody AFC fronts panels as Akira Nakai would have done.

In the subsequent video, the YouTubers based in Canada gave their Bronco a set of off-road tires mounted on Titan 7 machined wheels measuring 17X8.5 inches. Although these rims don’t include beadlocks from the manufacturer, they do suit the style that the creators are hoping to achieve.

In conclusion, the outcome embodies a combination of subtlety and ferocity. Clearly, this is nowhere near the extreme off-road setup which dominated in 2023 at the King of the Hammers but it certainly has considerable road impact – that’s something any SUV driver hopes to acquire for their automobile.

Quick & Easy 2023 Ford Bronco Build - The PERFECT SPEC - PT 2

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