2023 Civic Sales: Type R Performance Accounts for Only 1%

Honda sells 3,315 Civic Type R models in 2023, making up 1.7% of total Civic sales.

The recently launched FL5-generation Civic Type R completed its first full year in the market in 2023. Although Honda did not disclose specific sales data in their 2023 report, our team reached out to obtain the figures. According to a spokesperson from Honda, a total of 3,345 units of the Type R were sold in 2023, accounting for 1.7 percent of the 200,381 Civics sold overall.

Furthermore, Honda officially announced that the sale of Civic Si reached 7,128 units last year, making up 3.6 percent of the total Civic sales. Although these numbers may seem insignificant compared to the overall Civic sales, it is a commendable achievement considering that the Civic Si is only available with a manual transmission.

Despite its popularity, the Civic Type R fell short when compared to its competitors, the Toyota GR Corolla (5,739 units) and Volkswagen Golf R (3,238). However, if we also include the sales of the nearly identical Acura Integra Type S (1,871 units), Honda’s numbers get much closer to the GR Corolla at 5,216 cars sold. The Civic Si follows closely behind its rival, the Volkswagen GTI, with 7,451 sales.

The arrival of the Type S at dealerships in June has generated a notable demand, as evidenced by Acura selling over half the amount of Type Ss compared to Honda’s Type Rs. It will be intriguing to observe the sales figures in 2024, which marks the first full year both models are simultaneously available. While the Integra Type S may cost approximately $7,000 more than the Civic Type R, it offers added luxuries that justify its price tag.

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