2023 Nismo Festival: Legends Race!

Early Prince Race Cars to Iconic BNR 34 Skyline GT-R

Nissan’s performance arm, Nismo, recently ran a noteworthy event at the Fuji Speedway. Titled the Nismo Festival, this yearly happening embraces a string of picturesque GT-R and Z car designs as well as some astonishing Nismo autos.

Dino DC highlighted the incredible event on his YouTube channel featuring one of the absolute most renowned Nissans to ever compete in a race: the Nissan Pennzoil Skyline GT-R BNR 34 driven to victory by Erik Comas and Satoshi Motoyama in the 1999 Japan GT Championship series.

The Nissan RZ 34 Super GT GT500 racecar has a powerful presence, combing the classic form of the Z with a tremendous carbon fiber wing and extra aerodynamic parts. Fiercely aggressive, this design offers optimal performance on the track.

Japan's Biggest ALL Nissan Event - NISMO Festival 2023

The clamour in the garage was resonated by a couple of Nissan TR-30 Skyline GT-R RS Silhouette race vehicles. These were Masahiro Hasemi’s competition cars supported by renowned toy corporation Tomica.

At the Nismo Festival, there was a display of cars from the revered Prince Motor Company. Uniting with Nissan in 1966, this automaker had introduced some exquisite models such as the stunning Prince Skyline. Furthermore, they also participated in the unfortunate Japanese Grand Prix with the Prince R380.

The racecourse’s car park was also playing host to an impromptu exhibition, with many automobiles displayed that had been brought along by their creators. It being a Nismo event, there was no shortage of Nissan GT-Rs, Skyline GT-Rs and classic Z Cars.

An array of machinery was present, ranging from stage cars to street racers and even track-ready machines. Anyone could spend a considerable amount of time wondering at the wealth of diversity within these subcategories.

This compilation has far too many impressive automobiles to name. In brief, if you’re seeking a great view into the heritage of Japanese automakers, then this is the place to be. Furthermore, potential constructors could gain inspiration – or potentially lift concepts – from these slick creations on display.

In the future, displays such as these could potentially integrate EVs; recently, we noticed an electric Ariya fitted with components from Nismo, highlighting the automakers range expansion.

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