2023: Record-Breaking Volvo XC60 Sales

Luxury SUV Holds Strong With 228K+ Units Sold

It’s uncommon for dialogue to centre around the Volvo XC60. This is chiefly due to the fact that announcements from the Swedish carmaker virtually all focus on a fresh electric auto. Also, the mid-size luxury SUV is quite aged, already being in existence since 2017. In spite of the lack of discussion and scant improvements these last years, the XC60 continues to be highly successful.

In 2023, Geely-owned Brand witnessed a remarkable streak, having sold an unbelievable 708,716 cars, representing an increment of 15% over the preceding year. By far, the most acclaimed vehicle comprised the XC60, with sales nearly doubling from 195,338 units in 2022 to 228,646 cars in 2023. In addition, the more cost-effective XC40 and top-of-the-line XC90 each experienced an increase in purchases, with 200,670 and 107,549 respectively, relative to the former 12 months.

Travelling along the journey of transitioning to a complete electric fleet by the end of the decade, the Swedish luxury label experienced a noteworthy 70 percent leap in EV sales that amassed 113,419 carbon-neutral motor vehicles or 16 percent of the total dispatches in 2023. In addition, ask for plug-in hybrids elevated practically 10 percent to 152,561 PHEVs.

Virtually each far-reaching region underwent augmentation for Volvo in the past year. Dispatches in Europe rose drastically to 294,794 vehicles (up 19 percent), while China reported an inclination of 5 percent with 170,091 cars sold. Moreover, prerequisites in the US arose significantly by 26 percent to 128,701 automobiles, conformity in other territories ascending 11 percent to 115,130 units.

Despite SUVs reigning the market of 2023, which lead to the discontinuation of Volvo’s S60, V60, and V90 in the UK, the automaker is still devoted to producing sedans and wagons. In fact, the firm has recently commenced the pre-series production of its initial electric saloon, likely to be named ES90. It should not be disregarded that a minivan exclusive to China, the EM90 — related mechanically to the Zeekr 009 — is now present too.

Going forward, Volvo has vowed to terminate the manufacture of vehicles with diesel engines by early 2024. Despite the debut of the EX90 as their new premier SUV, the familiar XC90 with internal combustion will stick around for the present. The release of newer designs, like the high-demand EX30 entry-level electric auto, is forecasted to raise annual sales to a maximum of 1.2 million before 2025 arrives.

Source: Volvo

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