2023 Toyota GR Corolla AWD Stress Test Results

Testing GR Model’s AWD System Unconventionally

The highly competitive hot hatch sector has various manufacturers and models vie for the title of greatest on the market. Nonetheless,Toyota is now a crucial player in the debate around hot hatches.

The Toyota GR Yaris might be a pocket rocket, yet it is not purchasable in the United States. Fortunately, the GR Corolla is, and many would say the latter is a superior version to its predecessor, doing remarkably good in the hot hatch division.

With that contemplated, The Fast Lane Automobile channel on YouTube sets the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla by way of a peculiar four-wheel drive ordeal in their most recent video. This out-of-the-ordinary venture gauges out all the distinct torque hostilities as well as the limited slip differential incorporated within the Performance Package to witness how efficaciously the vehicle works.

SHOCKING Result! The New Toyota GR Corolla Takes On The AWD Torture Test!

The Toyota GR Corolla was the first hot hatch that Toyota released in America, and it certainly underwent rigorous examination from numerous critics who wanted to find out what kind of performance it had to offer. Even though the Fast Lane Car (TFLC) is aware that the auto has been tested on the road to its fullest extent, they still put it on rollers with various configurations to determine its AWD power.

Toyota’s GR-FOUR all-wheel drive system provides drivers the option to switch between front-weighted torque (60/40), rear-heavy power (30/70), or a balanced split (50/50). This makes the GR Corolla an ideal choice for rallying, as it comes with Track Mode which automatically adjusts the torque bias distribution depending to the situation.

“TFLC has witnessed this phenomenon firsthand; even when the car is ‘locked’ with a 30/70 rear bias and the rear tires are placed on rollers, it still pushes the bias towards the front tires and effortlessly drives off the rear rollers.”

TFLC proceeded to put the rearward left wheel and vanguard right wheel on the rollers with a look into how the GR Corolla performs only using two crossed tires for grip. He clarifies that the torsional limited slip differential achieved so prominent operation that it overloaded the 300-hp 1.6L, three-cylinder motor which then failed in the test. This outcome could more be blamed on the driver’s blunder instead of any malfunction of this car.

In all three distinctive torque bias settings, the GR Corolla demonstrates its adeptness in retrieving grip from both tires on the surface and smoothly accelerating away from the rollers. The Toyota GR Corolla persists to astound with its AWD feature’s capacity for modification concerning having only a single tire in touch with the slippery rollers while three acting as extra wheels.

Overall, the assessment revealed to TFLC that all three of the GR-FOUR AWD system’s modes operate incredibly well. Even though it wasn’t a comprehensive road or track test, the GR Corolla affirmed that it can withstand the most stern of tests administered by TFLC.

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