2023 Tsukuba: AE86 JDM Heaven Festival

Festival Showcases Drift & Timed Cars

The AE86 Festival hosted at Tsukuba Circuit undeniably displayed some of the best ever Hachiroku engineering and design, not collapsing to disappointment at this year’s juncture.

The blowout had an impressive setup with drift cars, time attack autos, and even a few AE86s exhibiting the shade scheme that was popularized through Japanese manga Initial D. Certain people chose to confidently flaunt their JDM design aesthetics with capable widebody fitings such as authoritative wing spoilers. Not only did these fancy vehicles look stylish, but there were also a lot of clever upgrades in the cabins like roll bars and tuner-style bucket chairs.

Tsukuba AE86 Festival 2023 | RAW Sound - 4K

The multitude of track contests, including a drifting confrontation, created more amusement at the festival. The AE86 – calling itself the Corolla Sport in the USA and venerated as the spiritual predecessor of the contemporary Toyota GR86 – was an economical rear-wheel-drive car, ideal for skidding. In the event that you cannot detect a good AE86 bargain, you can still contemplate its successor in spirit, the 86, for engaging in the sport without exhausting your resources.

The celebration was furthermore home to a period attack contest, participating in N2 haste assault autos prized for proficiently logging laps inside 60 seconds across the 2.0 km Tsukuba Circuit situated in Japan. outperforming both the record-smashing McLaren Senna as well as the competition-specific Porsche 911 GT3 RS – both circled with a time of one minute.

Even observing the squads labour on their AE86 in the staging area was beauteous. What made this single-manufacture encounter particularly brilliant were the models from other companies, such as a Nissan 370Z and a cluster of heavily tweaked Mazda RX-7 FDs, enlightening us to the depths and range of Japanese auto civilization.

As an automobile crafted of the 80s, the Toyota AE86 gained access to imports, and depending on online postings, it is estimated you can secure one for about $27,000. If at the 2023 AE86 Festival you take notice of a particular vehicle that catches your eyesight, then use it as motivation to create your own fantastic Hachiroku structure.

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