2023 Volkswagen Golf R Sales Soar

GTI Popularity Grows in US

In a world inundated by people’s preference for SUVs, sporting cars still have merit. The United States witnessed an impressive twofold rise in Audi R8 sales during the same period that Mazda’s Miata had a fifty percent spike in demand. The venerable Nissan GT-R experienced an amazing 584% surge in popularity while BMW Z4 roadsters saw their deliveries heighten by 20.2%.

Volkswagen of America has the joy to annunce an increasing popularity of its hot hatches in 2023. Noticable figures concerning Grand Tourer Injection, accounting for 7,451 cars sold, rose by 7.6 percent. Astounding market success has been achieved by all-paw R with a colossal increment of 116 percent eventually reaching 3,238 vehicles.

VW has not specified a breakdown of sales across gearboxes, so we have contacted the carmaker to gain more information. However, worth mentioning is the fact the manual is becoming extinct, as the DSG is now the only option available. Last August, when the GTI 380 special edition was unveiled, it marked the exit of the clutch pedal from front-wheel drive hatches. Additionally, VW announced it that the six-speed Golf R will be discontinued after 2024.

The proclaimed end of the handbook could explain, in part, why the GTI and R were incredibly popular last year. This makes sense when we consider that sales for Q4 2023 were heightened by 76.5 percent for the GTI and by 480.1 percent for the R as compared to Q4 2022.

But what happens if the manual transmission doesn’t go away in the end? Last October, Autocar shared news that possibly could have persuaded VW to hang on to the long-lifed self-shifting gearbox. The non-American normal Golf is close to obtaining a mid-cycle facelift, so it won’t be long before we get an answer. Although it is not clear whether the GTI and R versions will come out simultaneously with the audits, the performance versions should be available shortly after.

The next iteration, Golf Mk 8.5, is scheduled to be the final revamp of the iconic compact vehicle in the age of internal combustion engines. SUP from VW has disclosed that the Mk 9 will only have electric versions and production to start in 2028 on its Scalable Modular Platform. Furthermore, they’ve assured that the GTI and R insignias will continue being used in the ‘zero-emissions’ age. What’s more, as early as 2026, an electrified GTI model is scheduled for release.

Source: Volkswagen

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