Volkswagen GTI Party Returns!

VW Rescues Worthersee: Date & Location Announced

Volkswagen has recently divulged the dates for their popular GTI Treffen (a German word for gathering of GTI enthusiasts) which is slated for the year 2024 from July 26 to 28. Not like earlier instances of the event, this time it will be held outside the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg, Germany. This facility serves as the abode of VfL Wolfsburg football (in Europe, known as soccer) team and it is in the city itself where the Volkswagen Golf GTI vehicles are made.

An announcement on dates for a single-make car expo may not look like a headline-grabbing news story; however, this festival has had its difficulties lately. The annual Volkswagen Treffen at Worthersee – supposedly one of the most illustrious automobile festivals around world – was annulled by regional authorities who took exception to its environment impacts and the hazardous driving done by participants. Subsequently, after the cancelation of this privately orchestrated event, Volkswagen intervened in order to save it, though at another site.

This year’s GTI Treffen will be held under the banner of “Coming Home – Reloaded”. Volkswagen has revealed that the event will offer a variety of presentations, shows, club meets, activities, and surprises. The company announced the dates early on in order to give enthusiasts the chance to ship their cars over from the US and have them arrive in time for the show. The GTI Treffen is renowned for its huge attendance numbers, with over 200,000 people expected to attend.

“The GTI isn’t the only symbol that has achieved cult status over the years – the GTI Meeting has also become a venerated event. That is why it is so important for us to provide the GTI community with a new home at the center of our brand here in Wolfsburg,” commented Imelda Labbe, Member of the Board at Volkswagen Passenger Cars.

“Cult status” is the perfect way to describe the Volkswagen GTI International Festival. Every year, VW fans flock to the event, eager to witness some of the most creative and unique builds. Even the apprentices at Volkswagen have gotten in on the action, creating concepts like the wild Golf GTI Vision Turismo Roadster and the Bentley W12-powered Golf GTI W12-650.

Attending the biggest GTI-focussed event on the planet, Volkswagen ordinarily grabs the chance to show off all their newest cars or prototypes. Anticipation is building for a first glimpse at the ID. GTI – giving folks a preview of the electrified form of the renowned hot hatch.

The ideal place to introduce the newly revised GTI,stunningly spotted on the famed Nurburgring, could no other than GTI Treffen. Expected to be embellished with updated technology, an array of physical switches and visually impressive alterations – not to mention a generous boost of power – this updated vehicle will be amongst some of the finest classic and contemporary VW Group vehicles.

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