2024 Ford E-Transit Upgrade: Extended Range and Faster Charging!

New electric van boasts impressive 159-mile range

The Ford Transit van is commemorating a decade of manufacturing in America, and in honor of this milestone, the Blue Oval has unveiled numerous enhancements to the all-electric E-Transit, including improved range and quicker charging.Since its debut in 2010, the Ford Transit has become a staple in the commercial vehicle market. With its reliable performance and versatile functionality, it has been a top choice for businesses and fleet owners across the country. Now, ten years later, the E-Transit is taking that reputation to the next level.One of the biggest updates to the E-Transit is its increased range. With an estimated range of up to 126 miles, companies can confidently rely on this electric van for longer journeys without worrying about frequent charging stops. This improvement also brings the E-Transit’s range closer to its gasoline counterparts, making it a more competitive option for commercial use.In addition to extended range, the E-Transit also boasts faster charging capabilities. With DC fast charging, the van can go from 15-80% battery capacity in just over half an hour, significantly reducing downtime for businesses. This feature is especially valuable for delivery services and other time-sensitive operations.Other updates to the E-Transit include new software features,

According to Ford, their new electric commercial vehicle can now journey a distance of 159 miles on just one charge, marking a substantial increase from the previous estimated range of 126 miles. This updated version of the E-Transit, which will be available in 2024, is powered by an 89 kWh battery, a significant growth from the 68 kWh pack in last year’s model.

The E-Transit continues to soldier on without any significant enhancements, maintaining its unchanged output of 266 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque. However, it does come equipped with brand new dual onboard chargers that allow for speedy charging. The maximum charging speed has been improved to 176 kW, resulting in an impressive range increase of up to 67 miles when connected to a DC fast charger for just 15 minutes. This marks a substantial 49% boost from its previous model.

Ford’s latest offering, the Pro Series 2 80A charging station, allows the 2024 E-Transit to be fully charged from 0-100% in just six hours and 11 minutes. This is a highly practical solution for fleet managers. For businesses that have multiple E-Transits in their fleet, this charging station makes it possible to recharge all vehicles within eight hours. As a result, each van could easily handle two shifts lasting six hours each per day.

For those looking to purchase a commercial vehicle that emits no emissions, the updated E-Transit will be available for order in the spring, with deliveries expected soon after. The starting price for the MY2024 E-Transit will be $51,095. It should be mentioned that the 2023 E-Transit is currently priced at $45,995 for the Cutaway version and $49,995 for the cargo van.

Ford announced that the cost of their new model may seem steep, but they also stated that it could potentially qualify for the $7,500 Commercial Clean Vehicle Tax Credit. This could make the E-Transit a more budget-friendly option. It’s not shocking that this electric van has become a top choice among American consumers.

Ford EV owners are in for a major upgrade as the car manufacturer has recently implemented the Tesla NACS charging system. This change will prove to be advantageous for customers of models such as Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning, and E-Transit, who will now have access to a free NACS adapter. This adapter will open up the use of over 15,000 Superchargers across Canada and the United States, bringing more convenience to their charging needs.

The Ford Pro Series 2 80A charger is the recommended option for vehicles such as the E-Transit, as it effectively boosts the battery’s output for speedy and efficient charging. For those charging their vehicles at home overnight, the Series 2 48A charger is also available. This system features replaceable cables and comes with cellular connectivity, eliminating the need for a Wi-Fi connection. Customers can expect to be able to place their orders for this charger by mid-2024.

Apart from the electric version, Ford is conducting trials on hydrogen fuel-cell variants in the United Kingdom.

Ever since US production commenced in April of 2014, over 1.2 million Transit vans have been manufactured at the Kansas City Assembly Plant. According to Ford, an impressive 99% of all Transits sold within the past ten years are still in operation.

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