2024 Kia Telluride: Minor Exterior Updates, Small Price Hike

Telluride: Quality Value, Now Costlier

Kia has declared pricing for the 2024 Telluride, and in spite of it being pricier than its predecessor, the increment is tiny: each model is only $100 more than the ones from 2023.

The automotive manufacturer has tended to keep revisions to a bare minimum, with the sole adjustment being amber-tinted daytime running lamps. X-Line and X-Pro versions obtain trim in a black gloss finish on the headlights, grille, bumpers, and doors, rather than the dark metallic silver previously featured on these trims.

In all, 14 models are presented for the upcoming year. At the most affordable end is the LX model, equipped with either front-wheel drive for $35,990 or all-wheel drive at $37,990. Afterward comes the S trim, costing an additional $1,900 over and above the base LX. In the middle one can find the EX FWD, starting at $41,590; the EX AWD (priced at $43,590); as well as the EX X-Line AWD for $45,885.

If you’re in the market for extra inside indulgences, the SX trim is perfect for you. The FWD version of the SX will set you back $45,790 however the AWD model will cost an additional $2,000. An X-Line edition of the AWD SX runs for around $49,285 and the X-Pro grade priced at $50,285. Finally, there is the luxury of the SX-Prestige line, exclusively outfitted with all-wheel drive and obtainable for an estimated $50,690.

For drivers requiring even more cutting-edge features, upgrading to the SX-Prestige AWD X-Line or X-Pro will cost a total of $52,185 and $53,185 respectively. There are so many Telluride models accessible that it should be easy to find one appropriate to your budget and needs. All versions feature the powerful 3.8-liter V6 engine with 291 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque, mated to an efficient eight-speed automatic transmission.

It is regretful that Kia has not announced any additional motor alternatives. Nevertheless, the newly-unveiled EV9 looks to meet the needs of those on the lookout for an electrified rental SUV.

One may be asking the reason for why there have been low MY2024 updates, and conversely Kia gave the Telluride an overhaul in 2021. Don’t be fooled by its similarity; a trio of new hues—Midnight Blue Lake, reddening Dawn, and Jungle Wood Green—are on offer, with the redesign including also the front and back panels. Benefitting from LED fixtures are the modified head- and taillights, while the grille and bumpers have gained a distinctive plan.

The internal is updated with an altered steering wheel design, fresh ornamental components, reworked HVAC slots, and bent 12.3-inch monitors. These changes, plus the slight MY2024 modifications, promise to help the Telluride preserve its impressive sales amount. In May only, 10,005 units were sold and reached American homes.

Even though nobody rejoices at the raising of prices, $100 is minimal in comparison to some of the exorbitant increases experienced this previous year.

Excluding Kia’s rate of $1,365 for the destination fee, all prices discussed here are exclusive.

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