2024 Lexus RZ: Cheaper, Longer-Range FWD Model

Paying the Price: RZ Now Starting at $54,000

Price points for the upcoming Lexus RZ 300e FWD have now been released, and they include both a Premium Package and an Ultra Luxury variant. The latter option costs a bit more but comes with a slightly upgraded powertrain and advanced luxury features like a panoramic roof, heated and ventilated Nappa leather seats, and a 21-inch alloy wheel set. In terms of pricing, the base model will start at $44,300, while the ultra-luxury variant will cost $50,750. Fee details for the new Lexus RZ 300e FWD have been exposed, addressing many of the criticisms that have been aimed towards the electric SUV following its launch in 2023. The most noteworthy introduction is that of the RZ 300e FWD offering, which was first publicised in Japan during the earlier part of the year and was anticipated to arrive overseas as well. The Premium Package and Ultra Luxury edition of the upcoming RZ 300e FWD have now been discussed along with their respective fee points – base models will go for $44,300, while the Ultra Luxury alternative can be purchased at $50,750. It should also be taken into consideration that the latter includes

Starting at $54,000 (not including a $1,150 delivery, processing and handling fee), the 2024 RZ 300e Premium FWD variant represents a significant decrease from last year’s model that began at $59,650. Standardly, this electric ride is fitted with 18-inch wheels, but by choosing the Premium version you can get 20-inch wheels for just an extra $2,390 (including DPH). If you want to go all out, the Luxury FWD version, featuring these same wheels, comes in at $60,880.

By selecting the new FWD option, drivers benefit from a more powerful 72.8 kWh battery supplied by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL). This is a noticeable improvement from the AWD trim level’s 220 miles of range and delivers 266 miles per charge. According to the EPA, fitting those larger 20-inch wheels results in a lesser 224 miles but still surpasses the dual-motor RZ – which offers only 196 miles on the same wheels.

Despite being able to go further on a charge, you will still lose considerable power from having only one front motor. The RZ 300e has 201 hp total, whereas the RZ 450e with Direct4 AWD delivers 308 hp for a 0-60 mph sprint time of just five seconds. Lexus continues to suit the dual-motor version with a 71.4 kWh battery provided by Prime Planet Energy & Solutions (PPES). Although Lexus haven’t confirmed it in their press release, the PPES battery like be capable of reaching peak charging speeds faster than the CATL battery.

With regards to the RZ 450e, the Premium fit, featuring 18-inch tires, will have a somewhat higher price tag than in prior years – reaching a cost of $59,850 for the single-wheel style or $61,090 for the two-wheel version. As for the Luxury edition, which contains double wheels as default, the figure jumps to $65,580. For 2024, Copper Crest has been added to the available shades options with either single or dual-tone coating. Also obtainable are Caviar, Iridium, Cloudburst Gray, Eminent White Pearl and Ether. Moreover, for the current year, a charging cord equipped with both 120V and 240V plugs is now an integral part of the package.

Despite the new upgrades, the Lexus RZ still remains lagging when compared to other options within its class in relation to range. Nonetheless, it does appear that providing a model with less strength but unfortunately more reach – though this year details about a more potent RZ 550e designed were left out – could be an astutebusiness strategy to draw in a broader spectrum of audiences.

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