2024 Toyota Crown: US Debut Imminent

Toyota Expands Crown in U.S.A.

Toyota has unveiled a teaser image for an upcoming all-wheel-drive hybrid SUV that will be available in the United States. As is typical for the Japanese automaker, the teaser image is quite cryptic, with the only hint being the slogan: “Going beyond what’s expected.”

It’s uncertain what we’ve got here, however we have decided the car featured in the teaser is indeed a Crown. Firstly, the typeface of the logo on the back is identical to that present on the one released last year and the name starts with the letter C. So, we’re fairly confident it is a Crown but this is where it gets befuddling. Toyota America labels it as an SUV, though its back-end styling does not complement the Crown Sport SUV displayed in Japan recently.

Let us not overlook the fact that there are four different models featured in the Crown array; it seems as though the second body type to arrive in the United States will be the Crown Estate.

Crown (Estate type) Prototype

Whilst Toyota labels it an Estate, or in other words a wagon, for the public this Crown Estate (shown below with golden colouring) appears to be a customary SUV. It is probable that Toyota USA want to dodge any queries and promote the vehicle as an SUV within their own country.

So far, we have seen glimpses of what this model has to offer. It appears that the Estate is only available as a hybrid or even potentially a plug-in hybrid version – no plain petrol models are readily available. We can’t be sure if these two fuel options will be made available to US customers too but we can already see the hybrid mode in a teaser trailer.

If the newest royal edition of the Crown utilizes the same powertrain as the recently-launched Sport version, we can anticipate a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that can generate a total of 231 horsepower and overrides onto all four wheels. It is conceivable that the plug-in half-and-half model could produce even greater might and provide more outstanding performance.

The Crown Estate is a rather sizable vehicle, estimated at 194 inches in length. Comparable to that of a BMW X5, it’s expected to have a roomy interior and capacious trunk. Standing a towering 63.8 inches, its width is projected to be equal to that of the Crown Sport: 74 inches. Toyota has announced that the Crown Estate will be available on the market by 2024.

If, as is potentially the case, this comes from the Crown Estate, it will surely seem like an unexpected surprise. Many hybrid SUVs are currently made available by Toyota, such as the Venza, RAV4, RAV4 Prime, Grand Highlander, and Highlnder. Upon investigation, we are left with little doubt as to its place in the lineup as evidenced by the obvious anticipation that it will likely cost more than the Highlander. In our opinion, it appears Toyota has manufactured the Crown range to create a connection between their conventional Toyotas and the more deluxe Lexus models.

Significantly, that implies we yet possess an opportunity of procuring the attractive Crown Sedan, a luxury vehicle utilizing hydrogen as a fuel source that accentuates chicness and contentment.


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