2025 BMW M2 Facelift: 7 Exciting Colors!

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Since the arrival of the F87 Competition, BMW contended that it couldn’t make available exclusive paint colors for vehicles such as the 2 Series and several X-labeled SUVs due to production limitations – in spite of their M badging. Though, according to a newfound report, this year’s facelift of the ongoing G87 M2 will have about seven unique new shades integrated into the mini M car selection list.

The explanation previously given was that the production plants in Leipzig and Spartanburg had not been properly adjusted to accommodate the numerous Individual colors as well as their intricate paint processes, but with production being relocated elsewhere (the M2 model is currently constructed in Mexico) and the plants presently undergoing makeovers, even X-badged SUVs now have access to captivating colors.

It has been speculated that BMW is about to introduce a major refresh of the M2. This could be the company’s chance to provide its customers with an exciting color palette. Reports suggest a selection of seven potential colors, two of which are particularly eye-catching.

It has been known for a while that the M2 can now be purchased in a variety of colors, with numerous references to potential eye-catching shades appearing before the launch of the G87 M2. Recent gossip provides confirmation that thundernight metal (violet) is indeed an available option, as well as Grigio Telesto, a grey similar to what you would find on a Lamborghini.

Previously the same magazine made mention that we will witness Java Green, Sao Paulo Yellow, Voodoo Blue, Fire Red and Skytower Grey. The contemporary hue of Voodoo Blue is almost always associated with Porsche while a variation of Sao Paulo Yellow was the original color for the G82 M4; but this will be of no relevance to those acquiring an M2.

It should be acknowledged that these gossipy tidbits must be taken with caution until BMW verifies them. Subsequently, we ought to regulate our expectations until such a statement is put out.

There have been numerous speculations concerning the updated M2 which could receive an all-wheel drive capacity by 2026. Rumor has it that a CS variant is looming, but this could mean the end of the manual transmission system. In order to preclude competition between models, the primary M3 and M4 may become items of the past. Furthermore, there is supposition that the unit is likely to experience an increase in power.

As indicated by Frank van Meel, the division leader of BMW, there will likely be a shift towards M Competition models in the future. It is yet to be determined if this includes the M2, nevertheless it is not outside of the realm of possibility.

As the year progresses, we anticipate more knowledge regarding the M2 and its capabilities. We fervently trust that, soon enough, the actual quintet of hues from which to choose will broaden as much as its potential.


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