BMW Offers More Color Choices in US

Caring for ‘Frozen Paint’: A Guide

BMW has unveiled two new colourways for the 3 Series sedan, 2 Series coupe, and M2: Frozen Pure Grey Metallic and Frozen Portimao Blue Metallic. From July 2023 customers will be able to order these ‘frozen’ finishes, marking their first appearance on this generation of BMWs. ‘Frozen’ paintwork was initially seen over a decade ago with the Frozen Gray and Frozen Black E92 M3. Since then, it has become increasingly popular among BMWs and even some Mini models.

As we approach the sizzling summer months, BMW has revealed a profusion of changes with the most noteworthy being the advent of several new electric 7 Series variants as well as increasing the utilization of iDrive 8.5 across many of its top models. The incorporation of more frozen paint variations is sure to be embraced by those who like livening up their cars and gives us a chance to explore how these options compare to one another in comparison to the commonplace ones.

Were you unaware of the composition that makes BMW’s “Frozen paint” so exceptional, as well as the distinctive maintenance it requires compared to general paint? Walter Malec, manager of BMW’s body and paint technical training, has enlightened us with comprehending that, unlike glossy paints which are rated by how much light they reflect, Frozen paint outperforms in having the capacity to take up light due to its incorporated clear coat elements.

This is the reason it’s seen as a hybrid between matte and varnished looks, making it so desirable.

The paint does have a reputation for being difficult, though. While it meets the same paint standards as a regular gloss paint job, the upkeep requires more attention from the owner. It is important to keep in mind that if any panel experiences a noticeable scratch or damage, there is no way to “touch it up”. That panel will eventually need repainting, and not all repair shops can do it properly.

First, you cannot use polish nor wax on the car; this will take away the capability of the paint to absorb light and forever make it look glossy, ruining its visual beauty. The second thing you ought to remember is you must manually clean the vehicle because any kind of brush with a circular motion will instantly decrease the surface quality much more than with shiny paint.

The subsequent task involves two elements; the first being the necessity to guarantee your car is secured with a suitable Matte sealer in order to form a durable coat that safeguards against issues such as bird droppings and road grime. The second is the urgent need to get rid of these unwelcome blemishes as soon as you spot them on your vehicle.

It’s not a huge list of chores, which many car owners with regular paint may already do, yet many don’t evaluate it as beneficial. That is the explanation why this type of paint is relatively exclusive. If you are inclined to put the time and resources into it however, you will have a BMW that surpasses others of its kind – a BMW spruced up in a color that was previously special to some of the trendiest models ever made.

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