2025 Ferrari Hypercar In Action in Spy Video

LaFerrari’s Successor Confirmed for 2024
The Ferrari HYPERCAR is Back on the road!

Ferrari is getting ready to introduce a brand-new hypercar that will be taking over the position of the LaFerrari as the foremost model of its range. Car enthusiasts in Europe have captured a prototype vehicle testing on public roads, which you can look at in this spy video shared by Varryx on YouTube. Interestingly, theprototype on the move appears to have some sort of microphone set up close to the tailpipe.

The design of the new hyper car is still an enigma, although we have attempted a conjectural rendering. What is accepted as fact is that LaFerrari’s successor will be a hybrid. The exact specifications of the gasoline-powered element remain undiscovered; however, a twelve-cylinder power plant appears to be off the table, indicating that this ground breaking vehicle would mark the first occasion in decades that a Ferrari flagship will not host a V12 engine.

Speculation suggests that the new hypercar’s hybrid system will be built around either Ferrari’s 4.0-liter V8 engine from the SF90 Stradale or the 3.0-liter V6 from their 296 GTB. In comparison to the LaFerrari, this technological advancement may have a 50% reduction in the number of cylinders, yet still yield an output of over 1,000 horsepower, as suggested by Ferrari’s twin-turbo V6 hybrid Vision Gran Turismo concept.

Though some fans of Ferrari are hoping for a definitive V12-powered hypercar to be produced by the iconic brand, they do not need to despair as there are still more plans which will involve twelve cylinders. The upcoming 812 Superfast follower will retain twelve cylinders that can generate over 830 horsepower. Aside from this, the soon-to-come Purosangue SUV is guaranteed to come with all twelve cylinders fired up.

An official unveiling of the new hypercar is not expected to take place anytime soon. Nevertheless, reports have been circulating that Ferrari may privately display the vehicle to potential customers before the end of 2023. It is said that the car has been given the moniker “F250” and could potentially be limited to just 828 units.

Contrary to reports obtained under the radar, Ferrari’s hypercar is reportedly slated to begin fabrication in October 2024, with the coupe variant leading the charge. This is then followed by the XX in July 2026 and the Spider almost a year later, in October 2027. The entire manufacturing process should be concluded by 2030.

Source: Varryx via YouTube

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