Production-Ready Bodywork Spotted on New Ferrari F250 – Hints at LaFerrari’s Successor

Upcoming reveal of successor to LaFerrari shaping up in preparation for release.

The highly anticipated, long-awaited successor to the LaFerrari, known as the Ferrari F250, has recently revealed its production bodywork. In a newly released footage taken outside of Ferrari’s Maranello factory, we catch a glimpse of the upcoming hypercar in a surprisingly toned-down appearance. Previous prototypes featured rough design elements, such as massive wings and sharp edges, leading fans to wonder if the final product would truly embody elegance.After much anticipation, the Ferrari F250 – the much-awaited follow-up to the popular LaFerrari – has finally unveiled its finalized bodywork. Fresh footage captured outside of the esteemed Ferrari factory in Maranello showcases the forthcoming hypercar in a rather conventional guise. Gone are the days of crude powertrain prototypes with imposing wings and jagged features, raising concerns over its ability to exude sophistication.

The latest prototype of an upcoming model has been captured by Varryx, a popular YouTuber and spy photographer. Unlike previous versions, the new prototype features a more traditional design with no eye-catching vinyl camo. Instead, Ferrari has opted for canvas cladding, which is commonly seen on their developmental models before they enter production.

In the footage provided, a plethora of Ferraris can be witnessed exiting and entering the production facility, including prototypes of the F167, set to replace the 812. However, at approximately three minutes into the video, the F250 is unveiled.

The Ferrari LaFerrari successor is here.

At this point, it is challenging to obtain significant information, but there are a few noteworthy remarks. First and foremost, the vehicle will feature unique butterfly doors that open upwards, similar to the ones found on the LaFerrari. These doors take a section of the roof with them as they open. As the car departs from the factory gates, we catch a glimpse of the driver conversing with security while the door is slightly ajar. Although it may only be a fleeting moment, it serves as confirmation of this aspect.

The prominent wing that took over the initial prototypes (with one still employed for experimenting with different components, mainly the powertrain) has now disappeared, and the side panels of the vehicle now boast a sleeker design without the rough air intakes present on earlier models.

As it moves in front of the camera with a gentle pace, we are able to listen to its powerful engine, which gives off the distinct sound of a V12. Our sources suggest that the V12 will remain in its natural state and instead, the F250 will utilize hybrid technology, evidenced by the yellow labels and hybrid vehicle decals seen on earlier prototypes (depicted below). The specific configuration of this remains uncertain, as the LaFerrari previously featured a rear-wheel drive hybrid system, while the SF90 boasts a plug-in hybrid setup with all-wheel drive. Regardless, we can expect the F250 to produce over 1,000 horsepower.

An unveiling is anticipated later this year, indicating that these early models will gradually lose their covering until then, and further information is expected to come to light. In the interim, we have already speculated on potential names for it. Ferrari has filed several trademarks and possibilities include La Rossa, Drake, or the F80.

Interestingly, a new Tesla Model S Plaid was spotted leaving the premises of Ferrari’s headquarters. It is highly unlikely that this belongs to a guest, as per Ferrari’s strict rules of not allowing vehicles on their premises unless they are from the Stellantis group. Moreover, the car was adorned with testing stickers commonly found on electric vehicles, indicating that Ferrari may be using it as a benchmark for their own models.

The consequences may not be as significant as initially thought. It is public knowledge that Ferrari has plans to launch an electric vehicle in the coming years, and they have been dedicating their efforts towards developing an electrifying supercar. Their efforts include securing patents for various technology advancements to enhance its driving experience. It is customary to observe and learn from the leading players in a new market, and whether one approves or disapproves, the Model S Plaid sets the bar high for performance in the electric vehicle industry.

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