2025 Genesis G80: Two Fresh Designs.

US Release of 2025 Model Year

Recently, Genesis was spotted in a public parking lot and they have released the design of the newly updated G80 in Korea. This gave us an initial glance at the exterior alterations – minor tweaks – along with its redesigned interior. Two requisitions were exposed; one of which symbolized the continuing G80 and another for the G80 Activity edition.

Both models of the automaker still carry the “Athletic Elegance” design theme, however, the grille has been redesigned. The standard G80 comes with a double-mesh styling, while the G80 Sport features larger vents in the bumper to facilitate more airflow into the engine bay. Furthermore, the headlights have been upgraded with Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology.

The revamped G80 is now outfitted with a distinct set of 20-inch rims that offer an array of eye-catching designs (double-spoked for the standard version). The G80 Sport will feature a black accent in the back to deliver an athletic profile when viewed from the side.

Meanwhile, the only rear image provided shows the standard G80 with a modified rear apron and taillights that seemingly display new graphics. The tailpipes are also concealed, Genesis noting that this is “an eco-friendly aspect of the sedan in the age of electrification.” This could be a sign that a similar design alteration may be seen on the Electrified G80, which recently experienced a significant price reduction in the US.

Within the interior of the 2025 Genesis G80, a considerable upgrade beckons like the new GV80 and its accompanying Coupe model that was presented just last month. Captivatingly, a two-and-a-half foot-long OLED display steals the show on the dashboard, where it harmoniously blends the digital driver monitor to the entertainment system’s touchscreen. Added luxe is incorporated with a sparkling gearstick knob and some finesse to the knobs.

The 3rd iteration of the G80 was revealed in 2020, thus making it perfect timing for the Lexus ES rival to remain current amid its counterparts.

In the typical vein of Hyundai Group, we predict to have information and specific features concerning the upgraded G80 in the approaching weeks. Its entrance into markets depends on individual countries; despite that, with Genesis already having priced up the 2024 G80 in the US, it is probable for the updated version to come out sometime during next year for the 2025 model year in the US.

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