Update 2025 Genesis G80/G80 Sport: 27 Screen Upgrade

Luxury Sedan: Refined Wheels and Grille

Hyundai’s luxury subdivision of Genesis is already handling the mid-cycle makeover for their G80. This BMW 5 Series challenger coming from South Korea has been around for approximately three years and is undergoing minor disruptions. While the changes on the outside are staid, the interior has undergone a much more comprehensive overhaul.

Beginning with the outside, the standard G80 and G80 Sport both present remodeled grills and new headlights with micro lenses. Their front bumpers have been altered, making the normal model appear more athletic. The only picture of the simple G80 exposes a radically different rear apron. Additionally, the tail lights show fresh graphics; however, they are not noteworthy.

The 20-inch wheels of the regular Genesis G80 sport a five double-spoke design, which is meant to mimic an airplane’s propellers. Not to be confused with the Electrified G80, which was launched in 2021 as the brand’s first-ever EV, these cars are powered by combustion engines. This is evidenced by the “4WD” badge on the trunk lid, indicating that the G80 has all-wheel drive. Interestingly enough, there is no visible exhaust tip, furthering the confusion between the two models.

Seemingly bigger is always viewed as better when it comes to screen sizes, and the 2025 Genesis G80 demonstrates this with its immense display which takes up the majority of the dashboard. By successfully merging the digital instrument cluster with the infotainment’s touchscreen, an Eye-catching OLED featuring a remarkable 27-inch diagonal reflects the contemporary GV80 and modern GV80 Coupe. Distinctly, the whole dash closely resembles what was presented in late September from the two newly introduced SUVs. Furthermore, there is also a sophisticated crystal gearshift lever plus a few modifications to the switchgear.

Genesis has revealed its plan to make the modified G80 available in South Korea, featuring ten external hues inclusive of a distinctive Brooklyn Brown tone. Potential clients will possess the choice amongst four different theme interiors, with complete particulars anticipated to be declared within the upcoming weeks.

Source: Genesis

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