No Sedans or Coupes Left Behind: Genesis

Genesis Won’t Abandon Luxury Sedans.

Genesis have no desire to jettison cars such as the G70 and G80 for sport utility vehicles. As part of an interview with Australia’s CarExpert, Luc Donckerwolke, the Chief Creative Officer for both Hyundai and Genesis, asserted definitively that the South Korean luxury-car maker is devoted to this class.

“It would be a mistake to simply disregard a type of vehicle. I don’t want all the streets to be filled with just SUVs… I’m a fan of SUVs, from the rugged ones to the sporty ones, but that’s not the only option.”

Since its inception in 2015, Genesis has experienced substantial expansion, particularly with respect to its luxurious sedans. The G80 and G90 heralded their initial American entry, while the GV80 and GV70 SUVs came subsequently. To demonstrate their allegiance to sedans, they recently released the Electrified G80, among other things.

It could have kept the G80 as a solely internal combustion engine-run model, yet Genesis appreciates there is still an ample audience for the conventional four-door saloon, driven by either petrol or power. Furthermore, they proclaimed an ambition to continue with coupés, a body style which has not been seen since the terminated Genesis Coupe (formerly labelled as a Hyundai) in 2016.

“I’m not going to stop making sedans, coupes, and all the other car types, because it’s important to perfect the proportions. Designing an SUV is so much simpler, and that leads to designers with limited experience because they’re only used to creating ‘bricks on wheels.’ I don’t want that to happen.”

The evidence of this is the X Speedium Coupe Concept. Furthermore, a lot of car makers find it tough to make money in the market of convertibles. Back in November, Genesis introduced the attractive X Concept, as was recently announced, is going to be produced.

Nevertheless, Genesis remains dedicated to creating BEVs in the requisite body styles; seeking to marry its distinctive styling language with a classic coupe and drop-top silhouette. Both the coupe and the convertible model are completely battery powered, which echoes the plan to make Genesis solely electric by 2030. Designing sedans, coupes, and convertibles is not as straightforward as one might expect — in fact, with a lack of automakers focusing on this sector lately, locating designers who specialize in such designs has become an effortful task. Nonetheless, Genesis is resolute to bring together their special aesthetic with the classic charm of a coupe or convertible.

Ralph Donckerwolke, renowned for his design work on the Lamborghini Murcielago and Gallardo, expressed his vexation when it comes to recruitment. “It’s an absolute annoyance that many of the young designers I meet have only ever worked on SUVs – they simply don’t understand what proportions are,” he lamented.

It is perhaps a moment for Donckerwolke to effectively instruct them. They require being taught properly and sensibly. This may entail, providing education that is meaningful and pertinent to their current environment, something they can grasp, comprehend, and incorporate into the new status quo. Through the provision of suitable education, those subjected to Donckerwolke’s workshop should aim to better acquaint themselves with the topics addressed and use this knowledge to enhance their own individual development. In other words, by equipping people with the tools necessary to help them grow intellectually and professionally, Donckerwolke should be able to foster change in both today’s world and the future.

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