2,700-HP Coyote-Powered Dragster: Don’t Mess With It!

Not Even Close to Finishing Yet

More than just your average stock Ford Mustang engine, the Coyote V8 is highly versatile, and some people have found methods to take it to its limits, exploiting thousands of horses from the V8. Here we have a 1963 Galaxie that has seen a dramatic transformation – from an iconic grand tourer to an all-out racing beast.

Adam McCoy could be considered the proud proprietor of this substantial Ford Galaxie. Impressing at a glance, it has a length of approximately 20 feet and a width of 86 inches, inclusive of beadlock rims and a lowered stance – all courtesy of fabrication experts Jared Tucker from Jared’s Garage in South Carolina. Despite having an appearance similar to that of a lowrider automobile from afar, this is actually a full-blown dragster which is appropriating respected for its performance off and on the track.

This Ford Galaxie is Already FAST AS F*%& on it's First Passes (2800HP Coyote Powered)

The stunning display of power seen put forth by the beast is thanks to the meticulous tinkering of Kevin Mullins with TKM Performance. Utilizing the 302 cubic-inch (5.0 liters) Coyote V8 block as a base, its factory heads were augmented by a duo of Precision PT7685 turbocharges and Atomizer 850pph fuel injectors, all under the guidance of a Holley Dominator ECU.

It renders an astonishing 3,000 horsepower at the crankshaft (2,700 hp measured on the dyno), transferred through a M&M Turbo 400 three-speed transmission. This powerhouse yields palpable results, with Mullins casually voicing his pride after achieving an incredibly speedy 4.90-second 1/8th-mile run clocking in at 99 mph.

Given such a remarkable performance, the cabin oozing with race-inspired vibe is completely monopolized by a full drag-specific cage.

TKM Performance recently demonstrated astonishing speed with a 4.12-second lap time. Judging from their most recent video, it’s easy to see why they accomplished such a remarkable feat.

The squad emphasizes comprehension of the automobile’s conduct across test-and-tune endeavors at the drag strip. All attempts are an occasion for rectification, changing to better velocity and trustworthiness.

It should not come as a shock, then, to understand that the TKM Performance group has yet to wrap up their build with the Galaxie, aspiring to achieve 3s in the 1/8th-mile. We cannot be sure when and where, but, thanks to the tenacious crew behind this development, it is only a case of when, not if, they attain their aim.

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