VW Amarok 2.0: Ready For All-Terrain!

Jacked-Up Ride on 33 Tires

The off-road scene with lifted trucks is filled with American and Japanese builds, however from time to time a modified 4×4 truck hailing from Europe pops up. Although the second-gen Volkswagen Amarok has lost its pure ‘German’ roots compared to its predecessor, it nonetheless still holds a VW emblem and can technically be considered of European origin. It sports the revised T6 platform as the recent Ford Ranger, and is in fact manufactured at Silverton plant in Pretoria, South Africa.

The off-road gurus at Delta4x4 have modified the new Amarok to give it the “Beast 2.0” treatment. This midsize pickup has been raised by 100 millimeters (nearly four inches) compared to the standard model, but its suspension has been further modified to bring the total lift up to 150 mm (almost six inches).

Nevertheless, there’s further; total lift upsurges to above 170 mm (close to seven inches) taking into consideration the hefty 33-inch BF Goodrich tires, permitting is to coast though anywhere you might have chosen. According to Delta4x4, the tweaks made to this truck can assist it manage larger 35-inch tires so even harsher landscapes can be conquered.

In order to embrace the 305/60R18 tires without leaving the body unfashionable, Volkswagen crafted polyurethane wheel-arch covers, augmenting it by 60 mm (2.3 inches) on each side. The bumpers consist of 18-inch wheels covered in black and accompanied by side steps. Lastly, to finish off alterations to the facade, the grille is modified to include two PIAA lamps.

Are you pondering how much all these items are worth? Well, Delta4x4’s body lift package is valued at €2,600, the suspension lift is priced at €1,600, and the rims with tires are set at €2,900. Fender flares? Those can be had for €1,800. Side steps are €700, while extra headlamps cost €600. Keep in mind these fees do not include setup expenses.

Source: delta4x4

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