2CV Transformed Into Camper Van

The Versatility of a French Icon
Lit double + Cuisine dans une Citroën 2CV !

The Citroen 2CV often receives ridicule due to its amusing design, simplistic engineering, and historic lack of agility on the roads. In spite of that, it was still produced in excess of five million units throughout its 42-year reign and provided France with the ability to rebuild its infrastructure following WWII, in addition to establishing Citroen as a well respected auto manufacturer.

Hence, it is true to say that certainly a vast number of individuals are passionate about the 2CV and will do anything feasible to uphold its story and potentially even utilize it in ways one could never guess.

Bernd, who hails from Switzerland, has an endearing fascination for his beloved 2CV. This alluring car from France has been modified into a camper van, which Bernd drives regularly and with enthusiasm.

.As observed in the embedded video above, the miniature Citroen, which measures only 152-inches or 3.86-meters, can accommodate a double bed at the backside of the car provided that an extra partition is attached to expand on the amount of space for the legs. This same metallic box serves as a portable kitchen, having a two-burner gas cooker and some essential utensils.

The privacy of the space is carefully maintained through the usage of a set of securely fastened curtains, meanwhile, ample storage room can be found underneath the aft seat for approximately three tops and a pair of hosiery.

No specification of the engine is available, yet the proprietor has indicated that it is a 2CV Special edition that was merely issued in the 1980s. When bought new, it featured an air-cooled 602 cc powerplant in the hood providing 29 horsepower that transferred energy to front wheels via a 4 gear manual transmission.

Throughout its 40+ year tenure, the Citroen 2CV has commonly been thought of as nothing more than an economical vehicle; essentially, the French equivalent of the well-known Volkswagen Beetle. Nevertheless, recent times have seen prices for pre-owned automobiles span from $5,000 up to and beyond $40,000 for particular variants.

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Source: Mathieu Horren (YouTube)

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