Citroen Three-Wheeler Revived After 25 Year Slumber

Unique French Morgan Three-Wheeler

Barn finds c ome in a variety of sizes and forms, from cars sealed inside barns, to single automobiles left behind in an open field. This discovery is particularly strange, however – an exclusive three-wheeler with a Citroën 2CV motor that propels the front wheels. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been operational for 25 years.

In case you haven’t heard of the Citroën 2CV, think of it as France’s answer to the Volkswagen Beetle. After World War II, this vehicle gained tremendous popularity as a less expensive method of transportation over bumpy roads. Its powerful flat-twin engine powered its front wheels, and between 1948 and 1990, it was produced in millions.

This automobile is no ordinary 2CV; it utilizes Citroën’s engineering foundation to create a lively outer silhouette. The culmination looks almost like a French version of the vintage Morgan Three-Wheeler, combining metal and wooden elements of the framework.

The physical form looks to derive from pieces of sheet metal put together by hand, coupled with rudimentary leather-covered furnishings in the interior. To complete the look, there are anticipate Brooklands-type windshields that manually lift up without a bezel.

The presenter of the video valiantly attempts to switch on the car despite its run-down form. Fortunately, the 2CV’s motor is really straight forward. Initially, it will not start however, progress is made when it turns over – a great sign. Spark plugs provide the ignition for this one and all he did was to rub them with sandpaper.

At long last, squirting some starting fluid into the carburetor kicks off the motor. It runs choppy at the start, but eventually steadies into a nice and consistent idle. Unfortunately, we don’t get to observe this strange contraption in motion. Despite having the engine operational, we aren’t aware of the condition of the transmission or anything else that would be needed to bring this peculiar apparatus back on the road.

For anyone who has a project vehicle, they know that each and every accomplishment is something to be celebrated. From a fully-functional engine, to a correctly-working transmission, even the simplest things are a victory. We can’t wait to witness this peculiar machine rise again!

Barn Find Citroen Three-Wheeler Found After 25 Years! Will it run ? Old Skull Garage

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