100th Icon Car: 1974 Ford Bronco V8

The Best of Old and New Merged

Icon 4×4 has constructed their hundredth restomodded Bronco, the very first New School Edition pickup. The company has been operating for almost 16 years, however it’s understandable why the building of their 100th vehicle is just now being accomplished. Every single Icon truck is custom-made from the foundation up and takes multiple months to be fully finished.

“It’s amazing to consider how much progress we’ve made during the past 100 Bronco builds,” commented Jonathan Ward, Founder and CEO of Icon 4×4. “The enthusiasm for the Bronco has not diminished one bit, and Icon takes a lot of satisfaction in the challenge of continuously pushing the limits of what we can achieve with every project for our customers.”

The generous donor auto for the Icon Bronco 100 is a 1974 Bronco that was originally fitted with a six-cylinder engine. However, in place of this, it has now been given a brand new Coyote V8 capable of generating 430hp. The fresh motor is linked up to a four-speed overdrive automatic transmission, sending power from the engine to the wheels via a two-speed transfer case.

Aesthetically speaking, this vehicle may seem to be a pleaser of the garage, but nothing could be further from the truth. Its technical sheet exhibits characteristics that can only be likened to the optimal grocery shopping list of an off-roader. It contains Fox suspensions, Eibach coils with modifiable sway-bars, Dana cog-wheels, Brembo competition brakes and ARB air-locking diffs. To ensure that you make enough of a roar when you’re arriving, this 100 is equipped also with a stainless steel exhaust, adorned with a ceramic cover.

Externally, Icon has chosen the fashionable Cactus Gray tone seen on the new Bronco. It blends effortlessly with the Ventaneous Black finish applied to all exterior items such as the grille, side view mirrors, door knobs, and fuel tank cover. Completing the package is a unique wheel set imaginatively labelled ‘New School’ by Icon.

The inner side of the car is much more remarkable than whatever you might see in a current automobile. Icon collaborated with Spinneybeck providing the interior with lasting, low-maintenance leather that appears and smells precisely like the finest leather. The material was blended with an equally robust silicon fabric that mirrors a conventional weaved fabric.

Interior highlights boast of a dashboard that has undergone laser-cutting and aluminum machining. There is also a splash of Icon sports pedals, cowhide upholstered steering wheel, and cushioned armrests.

“The Icon Bronco 100 is a remarkable combination of modern and classic, a balance between safety and sophistication with capability while retaining an analog responsibility for the driver,” said Ward. “If you desire to have a genuine, real driving experience, new cars simply don’t give the same sensation. The Icon Bronco 100 allows drivers to be in control. That’s a rare, beautiful feeling.”

The interior of this ride is not solely aesthetically pleasing. As is typical with a vehicle like this, there’s also a Dakota digital instrument panel, incorporating Vintage Air climate control, hidden electrical window switches from behind the manual controls, an optional heated seat feature for the driver and passenger, a custom roll bar, accompanied by an Elevated speaker system that includes navigation and Bluetooth technology.

What else do you really require? Granted, Icon Broncos are costly at a starting outlay of $200,000; however, is it even possible to value this very selective customizability and technical feel?

Ward describes the ethos of Icon 4×4 in this way: “Our mission is to create classic vehicles that are suitable for today’s roads and drivers, without attempting to make them new. There’s still a strong bond between the driver and the car, and our goal is to bring people back to the joy of driving a mechanical machine.”

It appears we’re talking about an occasion that’s undeniably suited to our tastes.

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