$47k Breitling Tourbillons for Mustang, Cobra and Corvette Fans

Fancy S650?

Breitling, the renowned watchmaker, has recently revealed an innovative tourbillon timepiece available in three styles from their Top Time Classic Cars Tourbillon collection. Notably, one of the designs is based on the iconic Ford Mustang. This particularly special model portrays a Caliber B21 Premier Tourbillon created out of robust gold. The internal workings feature both a tourbillon and chronograph. A tourbillon encloses the balance wheel, the spring, and the escapement within a spinning frame to counteract gravity’s pull.

As specified, the series houses three designs, comprising of the Chevrolet Corvette and Shelby Cobra, and they all boast comparable components and engineering, with idiosyncratic finishes specific to each.

TheFord Mustang edition features acopper casing coordinated with a verdant dial, this last one being recognition to the original 1964 Ford Mustang’s indicator setup. Porsche’s Chronograph 1 also uses the same bright colors in its design which pays tribute to the911 S/T; aside from producing beautiful vintage vibes. However, bronze does not usually get associated with the ‘Stang.

For those desiring something a tad less sporty, the Chevy Corvette model may fit the bill. Showcasing the same case as that of the Shelby Cobra variant, its dial boasts a walnut burl finish. And, in any event, all iterations arrive with a perforated leather strap. While the Shelby Cobra edition has the criterion suave and sophistication, this one’s our top preference.

Breitling is renowned for crafting some of the most excellent auto-influenced wristwatches available, albeit with a hefty price tag, specifically when the watch uses a tourbillon mechanism. Each timepiece in the collection is valued at $47,000 – higher than the cost of purchasing a Mustang GT Premium with V8 engine. It’s hard to conceive the demographic these watches are supposed to fall under, particularly since there is nothing tastefully indicating the vehicles being honored. Although luck would have it, things could be a lot worse; the Bugatti 18K rose gold chronographic watch bills for an eye-watering amount.

Should you want a Ford-related watch at a less costly price, Breitling has created an offering taking inspiration from the Ford Thunderbird that costs only in the 5-digit range.

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