47-Year-Old Lada Niva: ABS & More in 2024.

ESP’s Return is Imminent.

Much in the same vein as the recently improved Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series, the Lada Niva continues to defy death – persisting since its 1977 release. Even now, Lada is manufacturing the plain 4×4, with plans to upgrade it for 2024.

After the implementation of sanctions against Russia, AvtoVAZ was forced to temporarily stop offering Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) as a part of their lineup. Then, when production resumed midway through 2022, the Niva had lost some key components such as airbags, ABS, and various other essentials that have long been features in cars. Fortunately, the classic Legend and Travel models are now supplied with ABS for 2024.

In case knowledge is lacking of the latter, that car has been present since 1998 as the VAZ-2123 prior to being given a new badge in 2003, referred to then on as the Chevrolet Niva. When the GM-AvtoVAZ cooperation concluded in 2020, the basic sports utility vehicle was labeled the Niva Travel.

The Niva has recently been provided with updated power that now satisfies Euro 5 rules. This criterion has endured since 2009, making it obsolete. We must remember that Euro 6 was established in 2014, with Euro 7 expected to be introduced sometime around 2025. Since the manufacturing restarted a year ago and up to the present time, the ever-capable Lada is powered by an engine that complies to Euro 2 standards, having been initiated in 1996.

Opt for the top-tier trim of the Niva Travel and be rewarded with a variety of Lada features: cruise control (with a speed governor), an onboard computer, well lit up instruments, as well as two colored alloy wheels. In addition, the ESP should become available again in a matter of weeks, according to reports coming from Auto Pro News. The manufacturing of both models with the upgrades for 2024MY has already begun.

As would be anticipated, there is a considerable upsurge in the list price. Beforehand, the famed Lada Niva Legend cost 829 900 rubles ($9,140 at present values), yet the least expensive one is now priced at 927,500 ($10,200). The more advanced Niva Travel could previously be bought at 1,198,900 rubles ($13,200) and it commences currently at 1,215,000 rubles ($13,400).

AvtoVAZ had plans to collaborate with Renault to introduce a new Niva. Showcasing a concept car in 2018, the possibilities now seem indefinite due to the fact that Renault sold their piece of AvtoVAZ in May 2022.

Sources: AvtoVAZ, Auto Pro News

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