Lada Fights Through Offroad Uncertainties

Watching This Extremely Lifted Lada
We make custom portal gear lifts for a Lada (+30 cm)

Whenever you catch sight of a shabby Lada trundling through the mire on the interweb, you can be sure your entertainment needs are about to be satisfied.

The Garage 54 YouTube channel, produced in Russian language, have pieced together this Lada. It is furnished by a set of custom portal axles at the back that result in an astonishing 300 millimeters minimum clearance (around one foot) between the vehicle’s underside and the ground – much higher than a regular Lada family sedan and even greater than a Ford Bronco installed with Sasquatch package! If everything moves along soundly, the revamped off-roader could give surprisingly effective performance. Also, servicing it would be quite easy; oil change isn’t an exception!

A typical axle assembly distributes the engine power to a top sprocket, ultimately resulting in the wheel being powered. As always with Garage 54, the upper and lower sprockets are spaced further apart for maximum ride height and are interlocked with a motorbike chain. Instead of shielding the chain from danger, it was left open to the elements – allowing us all to witness if something goes wrong. Fortunately, this never happened.

Rather than stationary testing, the Lada was tested in various rugged parking lots and then on a sloppy, bumpy roadway. It performed excellently, so then some more serious obstacles were introduced. Firstly, three tires were lined up on the mud, and then four, and ultimately an armchair was located to test driving over it in a Lada – what could be more enjoyable!? An additional challenge was the lack of rear brakes.

The video ends with the claim that the modified sedan is “reliable,” which may mean different things in this context. It’s clear that this proof-of-concept was a success. Here’s to hoping that a four-wheel-drive version will follow, and that it will go full monster truck and drive over a car. If that doesn’t happen, at least we have the Lada on legs to keep us content.

Source: Garage 54 / YouTube

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