582-HP VW Bus: A Classic Sleeper Power Upgrade

VW’s New Air-Cooled: 25HP Engine

Discover in the video below John; a man with an admiration for VW’s legendary bus. His speciality includes the refurbishing of iconic buses of this make, but the one below that particularly stands out is its potentially incongruous engine alteration. (Air-cooled devotees are a strict group).

John’s latest bus restoration is a one-of-a-kind with a contemporary flair. It embodies the classic beauty of the ID. Buzz forerunner while also boasting modern power and technology. “This is the first bus that has this power plant,” John proudly proclaims. As with his earlier bus restorations, this one is remarkable in its own right.

Traditionally, these classic VW Buses from the 50s and 60s had fairly humble air cooled power plants, boosting out only 25 ponies. John’s brainchild though, is home to a Ford Aluminator container motor; a 5.2-liter V8 specifically made for those who want to enhance their Mustang GT. It’s an adaptation of the Coyote engine however.

Coyote Swapped VW Bus

Transforming this classic motor coach into a powerhouse was not an effortless endeavor. John had to join forces with Art Morrison for the frame, altering it to fit the bulky Coyote engine. The back suspension is Art Morrison’s tight IRS, which draws from the Camaro Gen 5 heart section, demonstrating to be a dependable and reliable rear end. John went as far as to modify the rigid lines for energy regulating and gasoline, making certain a flawless and spruced up aesthetic.

The engine is coupled with a 6R80 automated transmission, offering strength to customized HRE rims, the front being 19 x 8.5 and the rear 19 x 10 giving precisely the desirable measurement for this distinctive Volkswagen Bus. Wilwood brakes together with six piston calipers in the front and four at the back form surety that this throwback vehicle can come to a stop just as fast as it can drive.

Unlike other epic VW Bus restomods, this project is unique in that it maintains an unassuming nature until you open the doors or press down on the accelerator. Its smooth and steady ride gives no indication of the power that lies beneath its vintage exterior. As John puts it, “It doesn’t make a lot of noise until you get on it.”

As automobile devotees, our understanding and admiration for the diligence and artistry which went into this astounding conception is clear. John’s devotion and fondness for this task are conspicuous via customizations spanning from the backbone to the engine and all in between.

The result leads to a one-of-a-kind fusion of vintage allure and innovative might that creates a grin on anyone’s fact, ranging from the public eye to those thankful few who take advantage of this wild journey.

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