Inside Professional Drifter Daigo Saito’s Impressive Car Collection

Exclusive Peek at His Personal Track: An Inside Look

Professional drift racer Daigo Saito has provided a sneak peek into his spectacular personal garage, complex, and workshop.

The following footage showcases three places that are under the ownership of Daigo Saito. These include the Fat Five Racing store, known as the professional drifter’s shop, the entertaining complex called “Daigo Land,” and his personal dwelling. All of these establishments can be found in Saitama, Japan, and each one boasts an impressive collection of automobiles.

To begin with, the host showcased the Fat Five Racing store, which housed a variety of vehicles currently under construction. Standing out in this collection is a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT300 that may soon transform into a gullwing drift missile. Additionally, there is a Toyota GR Corolla undergoing a conversion to rear-wheel drive only, as well as a Toyota Supra equipped with a turbocharged Nissan GT-R VR38 engine swap, among other projects.

Daigo Saito's CRAZY Home Garage and Drifting At His PRIVATE Track! Ft. Larry Chen, Robbie Nishida

Following their visit to the shop, the group proceeded to Saito’s compound, which has been affectionately dubbed “Daigo Land.” As seen in the video (starting at the 9:39 minute mark), the compound is a considerable space designed to resemble a “piece of the American West Coast.”

To be more precise, the American influence in Daigo Land is evident through the use of US road signs, palm trees, and imported Joshua trees. Additionally, a cleverly designed pool area features a vintage Ford Country Sedan and a well-stocked shop boasting a Nissan GT-R R32 with a 2JZ engine cleverly positioned beneath the car’s dashboard.Daigo Land’s distinct American theme is achieved by incorporating various elements commonly found in the US, such as road signs, palm trees, and Joshua trees that were brought in. An interesting addition to the theme can be seen in the pool area where a classic Ford Country Sedan and a fully functional shop can be found. Inside the shop, visitors can admire a Nissan GT-R R32 fitted with a 2JZ engine, strategically placed towards the back of the car’s dashboard.

Right at the entrance of the complex stands a “portion” of Saito’s impressive car collection. All of these vehicles are painted in a striking shade of red and are prominently showcased within a building with a glass front. The lineup boasts of a Lamborghini Diablo, two sleek MV Agusta motorcycles, a Liberty Walk Ferrari 360 Modena, and a wide-bodied Ferrari 308. And let’s not forget the Liberty Walk Ferrari Testarossa, which is also on display here. However, it is worth noting that this particular Testarossa is not as controversial as the one built by Gas Monkey Garage for SEMA.

Daigo Saito, the renowned professional drifter, frequently shares updates and glimpses of his exciting life on social media, specifically on his Instagram account with the handle @daigosaito87.Known for his exceptional drifting skills and impressive career achievements, Saito has amassed a huge following on his Instagram page, where he regularly updates fans with photos and videos of his latest drift cars, competitions, and travels.With a large number of followers from all over the world, Saito’s Instagram page has become a go-to source for all things related to drifting. Fans eagerly wait for his updates, anticipating news about his upcoming races and latest projects.But beyond just his professional life, Saito also gives his followers a glimpse into his personal life. He often shares photos of himself with his family and friends, showing a softer side to the fierce competitor that he is known to be.His captivating posts showcase not only his thrilling car stunts but also his daily activities and interests outside of drifting. This allows fans to get a more well-rounded view of his life and personality, making him a relatable figure in the drifting community.By sharing his experiences and passion for drifting, Saito has built a strong online presence that has made him one of the

Afterward, we witness the impressive display of two heavily battered yet still functioning Eunos Roadster, also known as Mazda MX-5 Miata (NA), executing tandem drifts.

The track located within Saito’s compound is not technically a traditional “track”, but rather an unenclosed space featuring a basic circular route, a few cones, and a large corner. This unique track offers the opportunity to ride alongside the renowned former winner of both Formula Drift and D1 Grand Prix (depending on his availability). Surprisingly, this exhilarating experience is accessible to the general public for a modest fee of approximately $42.

Following the exhilarating drifting performance, the footage proceeded to showcase Saito’s personal abode, providing a closer look at his impressive collection of modified vehicles. Curiously enough, the exterior resembles that of a typical home, but upon stepping inside, one would discover that the entire ground level has been transformed into a spacious garage. Cue feelings of envy.

The majority of the vehicles in Saito’s collection boast widebody modifications. Of particular interest are two iconic GT-Rs, sporting vibrant orange hues and equipped with powerful NASCAR V8 engines and Pandem widebody kits.

In addition, there are numerous large-bodied Ferraris in existence, along with a modified Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo previously used for racing, which has now been transformed into a time attack vehicle. Surprisingly, the professional drifter also possesses a Mansory Rolls-Royce Cullinan, although we will not criticize him for it.

Renowned for his eccentric yet impressive creations and secluded sanctuary to unleash his daring maneuvers, it’s safe to declare that Daigo Saito is undeniably fulfilling the fantasies of any auto enthusiast.

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