800hp Track Porsche 911: Dream Setup With TechArt GTstreet R Flyweight

Lightweight GTstreet R Sheds 132lbs

For weeks, TechArt has tantalizingly teased at the fresh formation of their most outrageous innovation yet: the GTstreet R Flyweight. With only 19 copies intended for release, this demonic design based on the Porsche 911 Turbo S is sure to be a head-turner; offering 800 horses and 700 lb-ft of torque unified in a much more lightweight package compared to the standard variation of the GTstreet R.

On the 21st of March, the Flyweight program will be launched at the Bangkok International Autoshow with the showcasing of the new vehicle and its extension, the Flyweight section. It is believed that parts for sale, a great many of which are likely on the car itself, will be provided to Porsche owners who desire to modify their cars into fast mile-eating beasts.

The phrase Flyweight stems from the sport of boxing and encompasses the quickest and most agile sportsmen. This group of combatants make use of accuracy and velocity more frequently than in greater weight divisions, so the expression is suitable for naming the new vehicle and line whose exclusive purpose is to invent the utmost racecar.

Ultimate 800 hp TECHART GTstreet R Flyweight based on Porsche 911 Turbo S unveiled.

Performance in comparison to the original GTstreet R appears to be consistent, with an amplified 53 horsepower as compared to a typical Turbo S. This implies 0-62 is achieved in 2.5 seconds and 0-124 takes 7.5 seconds while attaining a peak velocity of 217 mph; simply remarkable figures.

At the front of the automobile, a fixed carbon splitter has been minutely installed with skid plates, side air fins and canards, while the bottom consists of crafted carbon fiber aspects. Along the flanks of the roadster, the fenders are now made out of carbon compound, having better air outlets and the side air intakes are way better too.

Towards the back, one can find a re-structured carbon base with a refurbished termination area carrying the centered rear wing. An adjustable vane of three various settings is fitted above it, allowing modifying of downforce according to the track conditions. Additionally, a brand new diffuser has been connected alongside GTstreet R and Flyweight symbols on both sides.

Ohlins’ recently advanced coilover suspension is adjustable in both height and stiffness, with an improved wishbone suspension on the foundation axle which also allows for modification of damping.

Clearly, the vehicle receives new rims as well. Superbly crafted Formula VI Race Flyweight wheels have spokes that are sleeker and their hubs save weight, causing each rim to be lighter than 25 lbs. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires are chosen for the best possible grip. As for the exterior modifications, the intent is to make the car more lightweight; a polycarbonate rear window with theTechArt logo can now be opened and closed quickly with the aid of quick-release fasteners, and it also features a carbon fiber hood and intake grille.

The inner build is just as well-crafted. Offering a captivating blend of black and yellow hexagonal stitching, along with the Flyweight logo, it’s hard not to be impressed. Furthermore, providing an unimaginable 10 pounds in weight are brand new Recaro Podium CF performance seats in a similar shade that can be custom-made based on the driver’s unique requirements. Oeshler 3D printed seat pads also offer superior head and neck support features.

Surrounded by an FIA-certified TechArt 6-point safety harness, a hand-held fire extinguisher is within easy reach. Signifying the lack of back seats, a carbon shelf has been installed instead, with lightweight flooring further amplifying the driving experience with additional sound exposure.

In totality, the omissions and amplifications result in a decrease of 132 lbs when compared with the original GTstreet R. There has not been an official price yet, but considering that the initial GTstreet R package cost $85,000 above the cost of the Turbo S, we estimate this new one will easily top $100,000.

If this isn’t something you can acquire right now, understand that we sympathize. However, take a deep breath because you can practically play out having wealth and construct the ideal TechArt Porsche with their web-based personalizer. That way, when success eventually comes your way, you’ll be ready for it.

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