$82,000 Slot Car Track: Stunning Porsche 917 Replica

Le Mans Comes Alive Again: Steve McQueen’s Iconic Race Reimagined.

At first glance, the Porsche 917 might appear to be what it is renowned for; however garnering a closer inspection uncovers that instead, it’s an unequalled slot car track. It’s indubitably one of the best that the world has ever seen.

This exhilarating homage to Le Mans, presented on Bring a Trailer, is built upon a 917 with a Gulf-inspired paint job. Included within the bodywork is a 1:32 scale track that mirrors that of the legendary race course from Steve McQueen’s classic 1971 motion picture.

This impressive replica boasts amazing attention to detail, such as simulated exhaust vents, functioning headlights and taillights, plus a collection of sponsor graphics. Even the black center-locking wheels feature replicas of racing tires displaying signs of motor sport use.

However, the incredible feat is still astir; with a flip of the switch, the clam-shell design disengages to showcase an intricate miniature roller coaster.

Skillfully crafted from wood, this track featuring ages-old sponsor signage and displays, such as the Dunlop bridge and the Martini stable, was carefully painted by hand. It boasts two hairpin turns, a long main straight, and a variety of curves, all of which are designed to make the races more thrilling and stimulating.

The scenery is stunning, enhanced further by the intricately detailed stands overflowing with figures, as well as the lifelike Armco-style walls and plantings, plus a range of trackside features like pit crew stalls. Nineteen slot cars are included, such as a Ferrari 512 Coda Lunga, Lola T70, and various Porsches including a classic 911 and 917 adorned in iconic Gulf colours. And, as if that’s not enough, they’ve even thrown in a GT40 camera car.

This iconic racing set arrives with two chairs and dual analog controllers, enabling two players to vie against one another. Thanks to the brilliant lighting along the edge of the track, you can enjoy this activity even during the night – much like in the legendary Le Mans endurance race.

It is certainly a very sizeable item, measuring an impressive thirteen feet in length and over six feet wide, so you’d need quite quite the vast dedicated space, be it your garage or purpose-built entertainment room. Of course, an adequate budget would also be essential, with only a few days remaining on the clock and the bid up to a whopping $82,000 – significantly more than the cost of even a basic Cayenne!

Once more, the building of this was accomplished by Detroit-based Slot Mods, known for constructing stunning slot car circuits. In the past 12 months, the business presented an imitation of the Fiat Lingotto facility featuring its very popular rooftop track layout. Producing it necessitated 2 years of work and cost its proprietor an amazing $225,000. Set next to that, this Le Mans replica looks like a barter.

Reserving the outdated McLaren MP4-12C as an exception, this is a must-have for any automobile enthusiast’s collection and can create plenty of gratification, whether experienced actively or just perceived passively.

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