Cheaply Access Classic Rally Thrills – Lancia Stratos Replica

Attain Street-Legal Rally Icon for Your Driveway

The Lancia Stratos stands as an undeniable legend in the automotive landscape. To this day, it remains one of the most coveted classic cars on the pre-owned market. Its remarkable styling, authenticity in rallying, and rare traits have seen it ascend to a regal stature among its fellow automobiles. However, for individuals who would rather not spend a substantial sum of money on a delicate Italian classic, there is an alternate solution – the Lister Bell STR. Manufactured with precision by LB Specialist Cars, the STR is a replica that can be purchased at a much cheaper price point than a genuine Stratos. There is an exemplar currently being sold in the United States.

This particular replica, dubbed an “Assembled Vehicle” in Michigan, provides car aficionados with a chance to experience the enchantment of the Stratos without the rarity and cost that come with the classic. Street-legal and outfitted with a five-speed manual transmission, it flaunts a range of features that make it a captivating alternative. The 15-inch Compomotive coffin-spoke wheels, Gp4 round-arch fiberglass body, Gaz adjustable coilover suspension, front lamp pod, roof scoop, and Alcantara and leather upholstery all combine to create a package that pays homage to the legendary original.

What sets this Lister Bell STR apart is not simply its replication of the Stratos’s looks, but the well-thought-out improvements that some assert make it superior to the original. Owing to a bespoke space frame chassis with a built-in roll cage, it has more steadiness when compared to the original Stratos. Under the bonnet, there’s a more advanced Alfa Romeo Busso V6 crate motor, a 3.0-liter 24-valve one that was affixed to the car about 1,200 miles ago.

Within the residence, you can find up-to-date accessories, such as a cordless parking camera, a Garmin navigation device, and Alcantara seating. Additionally, there is air-conditioning, although this is not operating currently. Even though there are some defects, they contribute to the flair that comes with such a meticulously handmade imitation.

Lancia Stratos stands out as a masterpiece of its kind. We’d think of the STR as a sign of homage with recent ETs, instead of being entirely new. With only three days left for the auction to finish at Cars ‘n’ Bids, the cost is currently set at $55k. Even when it goes for double that rate, we would nevertheless consider it a bargain if compared with an authentic Stratos, particularly because it’s more up-to-date and possibly faster.

Source: Cars and Bids

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