992 Porsche GT2 RS Digital Concept

Rostislav’s Vision of Porsche GT2 RS Return

The GT2 and the following GT2 RS are renowned and much coveted by plenty of Porsche admirers. For nearly three decades already, the storied German company has been cranking out these high-caliber models; since the conclusion of the 991 generation’s final rollout of the GT2 RS in 2020, however, a fresh take on the series has yet to occur.

It has been reported that a new GT2 RS might be in the making, stirring excitement amongst Porsche devotees. Rostislav Prokop, a HotCars digital artist, generated exclusive vistas of the supercar to gratify their craving.

In his typical stylish manner, Prokop has blended the impressive Porsche 991 GT2 RS with the fresh 992 models, resulting in a one-of-a-kind production car. When compared to the all-new 911 GT3, the boundless width of this apparatus is plainly visible from the front. This innovative realization still features the headlight design of the 992 model, although it now possesses the vent contours of the GT3 RS that is seamlessly incorporated into the hood.

The bumper of this Porsche GT2 RS edition looks even more sunken than before as a result of the creative front splitter which girds around the nose and turns into lofty side fins. Additionally, its trademark triple grille pattern is reformulated into a shorter formation.

The curvaceous backside of recent 911 models have been given a sharp makeover courtesy of Porkop, that accentuates the car’s wide body look. In addition to this, much more expansive vents on the rear arches are present than those seen in the older GT2 RS, resulting in an assertive aesthetic that does justice to the Porsche’s performance.

The posterior of this design achieves a perfect equilibrium amongst the 991 and 992 versions. Famed modern banding is present as expected, however a fascinating contrast-colored splitter and congruent with preceding GT2s diffuser finish off the look. This is then completed with a rear wing spoiler ingeniously sleek and integrated into the model.

The grapevine is abuzz with news that the upcoming Porsche 911 GT2 RS should make its entrance in 2026, at the tail end of the 992 run. As a special handcrafted piece, Porsche could very likely use it as a conduit for introducing more electrifying options in their 911 collection.

Rumours indicate that the new 992 GT2 RS will be an electrified model inspired by the innovation used for the 963 LMDh race automobile. Porsche is shooting towards a power output of more than 700 hp, eclipsing any prior GT2 sports vehicle.

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