Acura Integras Less Popular Than Expected

Type S: A Game Changer

A dismal transformation has befallen the Acura Integra, as evidenced by a drastic drop in the percentage of car buyers who have chosen the top trim with manual transmission. During the initial stage, approximately 70% of customers selected this option. However, on analyzing the number of Integras shipped with a manual gearbox last year, the count was shockingly lower at 19%, with a total of 19,643 vehicles dispatched.

Despite the new Integra Type S only being in dealers recently, it has already made a major shift in pricing. Although its mechanical roots may share similarities with the Honda Civic Type R, this doesn’t by any means suggest the two vehicles are identical – as driving them will reveal. The additional cost of the Integra Type S is certainly worth every penny, as we ascertained after taking both for a spin.

In a favorable turn of events, the total Integras sold in its initial year exceeded those of its rivals such as the Audi A3, BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, and Mercedes Benz CLA.

Despite mounting concerns from fans of the drivetrain, we wouldn’t worry too much just yet. After all, in order to get the manual option on the standard model Acura Integra, one must purchase the pricier A-Spec (with the Technology package) configuration. Evidently, with about 20% of consumers picking this choice, it seems clear that it is still worth the money they are spending.

This week, the Integra Type S that is exclusively manual has been released in dealerships and it assuredly will become a highly popular choice for the corporation from now on as a significant fresh offering in the superior sports compact market.

We here at CarBuzz got the chance to check out the car, and we can vouch that it is an awesome fusion of stellar aestheticism and potent power. Although you may have to stretch your wallet a bit more than anticipated to cover the post-tax price plus add-ons, going over the amount budgeted for a Civic Type R, we still believe it’s worth the splurge.

The verifiable facts which demonstrate that choices made by Acura are bearing fruit are twofold: not just do they possess the youngest consumers in the sector, but 70 percent of those recently acquiring the brand are from a different background. While this does not entirely exclude prior clients who were led away during the latest years where company input was lackluster, it is certainly a positive indication that the rejuvenated, sporty image presented by the brand has undeniably proven to be captivating for prospective customers.

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