Acura NSX after 15 Years Underwater

It’s Not Good.
First Episode of the LochNSX Monster Project

After a remarkable 15-year stint submerged in a North Carolina river, the Acura NSX is being prepped to reclaim its ability to drive. A new video from Helix Auto Works has documented the owner’s initial sighting of the NSX that he had purchased, and assessed the damage done by water. This is the start of an arduous restoration process which lies ahead.

The numerous issues confronting the NSX are manifold and more likely than not, extra dilemmas will surface once restoration starts. Investing fifteen years submerged in a river inflicts considerable harm to any manufacture. Automobiles are packed with ferrous elements that are gullible to rusting and this predicament is apparent on the drenched Acura.

Rust has certainly infiltrated anything it could have, thus making dismantling the NSX a complex project. When the possessor made an attempt to extract the flip-up headlights, they promptly broke down and this became yet another indication of the vehicle’s worn condition.

The inside of the vessel will demand a thorough overhaul, with its now botanical-filled cabin housing the soil-stuffed floorboards. Despite being submerged for many years, the backside window atop the engine hatch has fortunately survived. Nevertheless, it has been covered by dirt, making it unreachable to the engine below.

The proprietor succeeded in finding an atypical way of getting the hood opened, uncovering a grubby frame that will necessitate considerable effort to be put into it, in addition to the other blemishes dealing with the motorcar. Something appeared to have bent the A-pillar on the passenger side, which might not even be restorable, as well as there being a colossal dint in the fender of the same side.

This is a tall order, but one that can be done with the right level of determination and resources.The recent proprietor possesses a towering task if they are to render the NSX operational. It is anticipated that merely a negligible fraction of the vehicle can be economised or set aside; near all components have had to be transformed. Having remained engulfed in water for fifteen years, many elements are either jammed, rotted, or corroded. Although this is an insurmountable assignment, it can be accomplished by way of sufficient willpower and means.

Some portions of the vehicle may have to be entirely removed and replaced, though this won’t be confirmed until work on its restoration begins. We anticipate seeing many more updates concerning the LochNSX project in the following months and we wish the new proprietor hardly any obstructions in executing their dream for the iconic automobile.

Source: Helix Auto Works / YouTube

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