Alfa Romeo Tonale: 33 Mile EV Range Confirmed

Alfa Romeo’s 285HP PHEV Beats Dodge’s Hybrid Debut

As the 2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV reaches dealerships, the Italian carmaker unveils the specifications of range and MPG-e for the plug-in hybrid (PHEV). With electric power propelling its drivetrain, these details are essential to give clients a better understanding of what to expect from their vehicles.

We are pleased to declare the professional-standard, EPA certified battery power span of 33 miles and 77 MPGe for the Alfa Romeo Tonale, enabled so that a great many of our patrons can go to and fro on their typical daily journeys without needing to fill up the fuel tank,” Larry Dominique, Head of Alfa Romeo North America, remarked.

Verification by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at last has sustained a joint fuel economy rating of 29 MPG in normal motor vehicle operation and an aggregate range of 360 miles when there is a completely charged hybrid battery.

Despite their close relationship in terms of components and the fact that they’re both made at an Italian factory, Stellantis is striving to separate the Alfa Romeo Tonale and Dodge Hornet. It is taking steps to differentiate the two cars, however interdependent they might be.

Hitting the streets with a powerful effect, the Tonale is furnished with an accentuated 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine and a supplementary 90-kW motor. Jointly resulting in 285 brake horsepower and a zestful 347 lb-ft of torque.

Currently, Hornet shoppers must make do with the non-hybrid turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder offering 268 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. Abstaining from debuting the hybrid Dodge Hornet’s R/T version allows the Tonale PHEV to enjoy some limelight. Remarkably, suffice it to say, this version of the Hornet utilizing the same powertrain system as the Tonale is more remarkable, producing a 288 hp output along with 383 lb-ft of torque.

The awe-inspiring Alfa Romeo Tonale, equipped with PHEV (the solitary propulsion alternative accessible), opens at a cost of $42,995 for the commencing sprint outline. The mid-tier Ti configuration kicks off at $44,995, while the leading-edge Tonale Veloce is valued at $47,495 prior to any selections. With all features integrated, the Veloce comes in beneath the $60,000 bar. All prices leave out a $1,595 place charge.

Stellantis, the creators of Alfa Romeo and Dodge cars, have made strides in making sustainable and fuel-efficient vehicles. Their focus is to build motor vehicles which will save consumers money on rising fuel prices while keeping environmental concerns in mind. Stellantis, the conglomeration behind Alfa Romeo and Dodge automobiles, has worked hard to construct fuel-economical, eco-friendly motors. They aim to give their customers saving options as gas costs continue to soar, with the total assurance that environmental considerations were thought of during their development.

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