Alfa Romeo: No SUV Plans

Genesis Unveils New Two-Tone Cars and G80 Performance

Alfa Romeo has verified that their upcoming Giulia will stay a sedan, while Genesis has begun their exclusive scheme featuring two-colored paint.

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Alfa Romeo will sustain the existence of their sedan sector. The corporation has defied the odds and determined that they plan to stay true to their storied past. They’re holding tight to this segment, not wanting to let it go the same way as other automakers have chosen. This conclusion signals their loyalty to the market, which they’ve been a major part of since 1910. Alfa Romeo is maintaining their dedication to the sedan despite shifts in the automotive industry. While several companies are opting out of this type of car, they have elected to diligently endure with it. This interpretation reveals their allegiance to the marketplace, having been an essential factor in it for more than one century.

In 2003, the relatively obscure Kamal from Alfa Romeo was set to be the brand’s initial SUV; however, it never got clearance to proceed with production. Fast forward to 2016 and the automakers had their first SUV of their own – the Stelvio. 2022 saw them introduce the Tonale, and the Milano is scheduled rotate in to reduce the range in size further just the next year. It isn’t to imply that the manufacturer will only construct SUVs for their future plans though.

When Autocar spoke to Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato, he said that the next-generation Giulia will keep its sedan body style. This BMW 3 Series rival from Milan will be exclusively electric and have an aerodynamic shape. According to Imparato, “when you talk about electrification, you talk about aero, and when you talk about aero, you talk about ‘Berlina’, or sedan.”

Despite the fact that the sedan segment is currently struggling, Alfa Romeo’s CEO, Imparato, has stated that they do not wish to become an SUV brand, even though the current market trend is shifting in that direction. Although he did not disclose any specifics, plans are already in motion to bring back the Giulia saloon, GTV, and Duetto.

Genesis has just announced the launch of their new “One Of One” customization program, offering customers the chance to create a truly unique vehicle.”We’re excited to introduce this new program, which allows customers to customize their Genesis vehicle in ways they never thought possible,” said William Lee, Head of Genesis Design. “The One Of One program allows customers to create a vehicle that is truly unique, and reflects their own individual style and personality.”The One Of One program offers customers a variety of options to customize their vehicle, from exterior paint and trim to interior materials and colors. Customers can also choose from a range of accessories, including wheels, spoilers, and exhaust systems.Genesis has also partnered with several leading aftermarket suppliers, including Brembo, Akrapovic, and KW Suspension, to provide customers with even more customization options.”We want our customers to be able to express their individuality through their vehicle, and the One Of One program allows them to do just that,” said Lee. “We look forward to seeing the unique vehicles that our customers create with this program.”Genesis has unveiled its new “One Of One” customization program, providing customers with the opportunity to craft a truly unique

Hyundai’s luxury division, Genesis, hosted a special event in Dubai to introduce its “One of One” program under the “Distinctly Yours” banner. At the event, they revealed that they are the next premium brand to offer two-tone paints, including for a high-end GV80 special edition called Twilight.

A public statement has yet to be released, however, we are aware that Genesis presented both a two-tone G90 and an intriguing Performance G80. The latter appeared with a more intimidating body kit including conspicuously larger fenders, enhanced exhaust system, and Recaro seats. Those unique autos, amongst many others, may be briefly viewed in the video exhibited below.

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