Alfa Tonale’s Bambini: Diapering Made Easy

Commuting with Kids Easier: Tonale Edizione Bambini Previews Accessories

Alfa Romeo has showcased a range of stylish accessories geared towards modern parents that wish to preserve the interior of their Tonale in optimum condition.

The notion, entitled Tonale Edizione Bambini, has been devised to make journeys with young tykes a whole lot more convenient, owing to the augmentation of particular features such as efficient stowing solutions, an integrated child-changing facility, and a navigable baby monitor. While this may be an uncommon addition, Alfa Romeo declares that almost 90% of parents conduct diaper changes on the go.

The integrated infant changing area is revealed after the automatic tailgate has been raised. An easily cleaned changing pad allows you to place your little one in a comfortable and user-friendly spot. When you’re done, this unit slides quietly back into your rear load shelf. In addition, it doesn’t use up any cargo area, which leaves the 17.7 cu ft of trunk space available for prams and toys.

Alfa Romeo Tonale Edizione Bambini

Undoubtedly, this merely addresses part of the hardships linked to journeying with infants and toddlers. Taking little ones on the road often necessitates bringing a wide array of items; frequently, cars can look more like a rubbish bin than a place of transport.

A recent survey conducted by Alfa Romeo revealed that 59% of parents view a stylish vehicle interior as being paramount. Additionally, the same amount claimed to experience difficulties maintaining neatness inside their vehicles after introducing kids into the equation. It was also revealing to know that almost half admitted to having disordered cabins, with over half reporting feeling uncomfortable when having someone else riding in their car because of its state.

In order to tackle this issue, the Italian car manufacturer has come up with specifically designed “seat tidies” that include a cup holder, a pen holder, and a lunch box for snacks. It even offers a chart to motivate your children to keep the car neat and tidy.

As an Alpha, the appearance is essential, so even the seat organizers have been crafted with elegance in mind.

Grey leather upholstered with congruent stitches, this accessory flaunts an embossed Alfa Romeo logo to admonish children that they are definitely not riding in a regular crossover car. Additionally, defensive panels are also included in order to withstand multiple scuffs from impertinent little feet.

The Tonale Edizione Bambini vehicle is equipped with a practical-sized disposal container linked to the back of the center unit. This can quickly be taken away for washing. In the event that your little angels grind cookies into the carpeting, an automobile vacuum (situated in the boot) can conveniently be used to eliminate any evidence of mischievous conduct.

It doesn’t just stop there, as the family-friendly Tonale also contains an inbuilt baby monitor that links to via an application for your device. This monitoring system can be situated for seats of babies that are rear-facing or front-facing.

In conclusion, to keep children happily distracted on a lengthy excursion, there are leather pouches attached to the seatback pockets to store a tablet and rewards charts. Additionally, tablets can be placed in holders fixed to the drivers and passenger seats, plus a toy box is positioned in the center for long-term entertainment.

“The Tonale Edizione Bambini offers practical solutions that perfectly blend in with the luxurious interior of the Tonale – confirming that having kids doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the look of your car. With a selection of advanced hybrid powertrains, a striking design, and cutting-edge technology, the Edizione Bambini is further evidence that the Tonale is the ideal car for families,” remarked Alfa Romeo’s UK Director, Julie David.

Alfa is not the solitary carmaker pondering over how to render life simpler for mothers and fathers. Just lately, a concept interior from Skoda – which is owned by Volkswagen – was displayed that posited the baby seat in the middle of the automobile’s cabin.

Toyota is exploring ways of keeping youth safe, though in a distinct manner. In 2020, more than two dozen children were unfortunately killed due to heat exhaustion after being trapped in sweltering vehicles. The organization’s cab awareness concept combines a powerful 4D imaging radar capable of sensing respiration as well as heartbeats.

Considering the Tonale, it is obscure whether Alfa would offer these features as noncompulsory accessories – or in a bundle – but we imagine there are tons of parents who would cherish something like this. Should it indeed happen, we anticipate that this item may make its way to the U.S.

As a reminder, the price point for the petite Alfa resorts to $42,995. There is expected to be an abundance of enthusiasm for the car, which is why Stellantis (the owner) enlarged the production at the Pomigliano manufacturing facility located in Italy.

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