America’s Accident-Prone Car: Something Other Than Mustang

American Insurance Website Study Results

Insurify, an American insurance portal, conducted a survey to single out which automobiles are most frequently involved in wrecks throughout the US based on their database of approximately 4.6 million car coverage solicitations. According to the research, the national average is that 7.6% of drivers in the US have been in one or more incidents due to their own fault within the last seven years.

Insurify gave no explanation for the incidents of crashes. However, NHTSA last year published a study showing that drugs and alcohol are predominantly responsible for serious and deadly car accidents.

Topping Insurify’s list for 2023 is the Audi S4, which has an 11.7% at-fault accident record. According to the website, owners of the Audi S4 “get into accidents at a rate 54 percent higher than the national average.” This means that the Audi S4 is the most likely vehicle to be involved in an accident.

Despite the S4 being fitted with a range of safety features, including forward collision detection, automated emergency braking and lane-departure warning, the rate of incidents was nevertheless documented.

The Scion iA wound up in a close runner-up spot, with a 11.5% accident liability rate. It could be attributed to the fact that, before it was discontinued by Toyota in 2016, it was mainly targeted at new and young drivers. Despite its relatively dismal sales numbers, the brand never managed to entice its designated demographic.

Wrapping up the trio of vehicles involved in fender benders in the US that same year, appears to be the Chevrolet Volt with a 11% blame-worthiness rate. Discontinued by Chevrolet in 2019, the Volt was, for some, considered to be a product released at an untimely moment.

The Volt is fitted with a hybrid power system that can require an expensive new battery fixed at the price of $30,000.

The Hyundai Veloster N, which is no longer available in the US, was found to have an at-fault accident record of 10.9%, according to Insurify. This placed it in fourth place. The data analysis company also revealed that Veloster N owners “got into at-fault accidents 43% more often than the national average.”

Finishing off the top five vehicles that experience the most crashes in the US is the Toyota GR86, which just missed being tied with the Veloster N at 10.8% for percentage of cars causing accidents. To its credit, Toyota reported that sales of the GR86 went up an impressive 326% in 2022, which is great news for the Japanese automakers.

Toyota is having difficulty dealing with warranty assertions regarding the GR86’s engine.

The rest of the 10 most prominent automobiles can be seen in the accompanying picture.

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