Aston Martin DBX707 Glowing Brakes on Las Vegas F1 Track

Kermit Green SUV Hits 173 MPH with 697 HP
RACING the LAS VEGAS F1 TRACK at 170mph! Flat Out with the Aston Martin DBX707

The Las Vegas Formula One event was not without its share of conflict. Regardless, prominent names such as Aston Martin still had lots to demonstrate over race weekend and exacerbated almost sixty exciting laps for several fortunate consumers at the scene.

Tim Burton, or Shmee from YouTube, was honored with a chance to drive the prestigious DBX707 on a 3.85-mile course. It was painted in a beautiful Kermit Green and manufactured with 697 horsepower, allowing it to demonstrate its abilities on the road. And believe us, Shmee didn’t take it easy on this fancy family car!

At times throughout the footage, discerning viewers can spot the front brakes shining a brilliant orange. Typically, the DBX707 is fitted with carbon fiber ceramic brakes accompanied by six-piston calipers. In contrast to the regular DBX model, the lightweight design on this car cuts nearly 90 pounds in weight.

Let us not forget that the DBX 707 served as the official Formula 1 Medical Car this season, complemented by the Vantage that was used as the F1 Safety Car. Mercedes-AMG is still supplying its vehicles, with an AMG GT 63 S F1 Medical Car and an AMG GT Black Series F1 Safety Car shifting out Aston Martin’s duo periodically.

Further cementing Aston Martin’s link to F1, the DBX707 model had an AMR23 Edition issued earlier in the year that featured a decal resembling Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll’s race cars. The two racers enjoyed a successful outing in Las Vegas; Alonso placing ninth and being followed by Stroll in fifth, both garnering sizable points. With two competitions still remaining, Aston Martin is in position to possibly overtake McLaren for fourth in the Constructors rankings, having only a gap of 11 points.

Source: Shmee150 / YouTube

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