Aston Martin’s Quest for New CEO: Searching for the Perfect Leader

Luxury Automaker Headhunts CEO Amidst Reports of Lawrence Stroll’s Search

According to recent reports, it appears that Amedeo Felisa, the current CEO of Aston Martin, may be facing an uncertain future despite only being in the role for less than two years. Sources from Bloomberg reveal that company chairman Lawrence Stroll is on the hunt for the luxury automaker’s fourth CEO in just as many years, with interviews already being conducted with potential candidates. These same insiders also allege that Stroll has reached out to both current and past leaders of other high-end car brands to gauge their interest in the position.

Since May of 2022, Felisa has held the position of leader at the car manufacturing company. During this time, significant advancements have been made in various areas. However, his tenure was not meant to be a lengthy one.

After years of successful leadership at Ferrari, Mr. Felisa was happily retired when Stroll approached him with an exciting opportunity. Although he is now approaching 78 years old, Mr. Felisa’s contributions to Aston Martin since joining the company have been nothing short of remarkable. With such a strong track record, finding a suitable replacement should not be too challenging.Despite the current success under Stroll’s ownership since 2020, Aston Martin faced daunting challenges prior. Even with experienced former AMG executive Tobias Moers at the helm after Andy Palmer’s departure, the company was struggling. However, Stroll’s innovative leadership has turned things around, making Aston Martin a force to be reckoned with once again.

Each of those chief executive officers had some level of success, yet it is only Felisa who has remained to witness the positive outcomes of Stroll and Saudi Arabia’s funding. These accomplishments consist of the introduction of the Aston Martin DB12 and its significantly upgraded new multimedia system that will be utilized across the entire range, a fresh Le Mans racing initiative, and in the near future, the unveiling of a novel Vantage model.

As Aston Martin continues on its path towards revitalization, a new CEO is needed to lead the way, particularly during the launch of the highly anticipated Valhalla. This role demands a steady and dedicated leader who will remain in charge for a period of more than two years.

Gaydon requires an individual with a forward-thinking perspective as they continue to work on sending the Valkyrie to Le Mans and releasing alternative models for their current line of Astons. Furthermore, there are plans for additional vehicles to be introduced in the next ten years, including government-assisted electric cars. A profit-driven CEO would not have the ability to successfully lead and accomplish such objectives.

Approximately one year after Felisa began working at the company, Stroll announced that the business planned to unveil eight fresh vehicles within two years to replace the existing lineup. Since then, the DB12 and DB12 Volante have been released, with the new Vantage in both coupe and roadster variations set to debut soon. With four vehicles already launched, the pair of DBS models will also need to be replaced, and the DBX SUV is set to receive significant updates, raising the total number of new releases to seven. In November, Stroll confirmed that the Vanquish project had been discontinued, but with the unveiling of the Valour special edition, the chairman will fulfill his promise of eight cars in two years.

If this opportunity appeals to you, please submit your resume to Mr. Stroll, along with recommendations from previous employers in the luxury automaker industry. We wish you the best of luck.

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