Audi R8 GT3 Spied at Nurburgring: Many Questions Raised

R8 GT: The Last of its Kind?

Images of an unidentifiable Audi R8 prototype have sparked our curiosity, as it looks much like the street-legal form of the R8 LMS GT3. Are these envoy’s of a forthcoming Audi undertaking or does this reflect something else entirely?

Last year, when we drove the R8 GT farewell in Spain, Audi made it explicitly clear that production of an R8 GT Spyder was unfeasible because of manufacturing restraints. Nonetheless, despite having high interest in the R8, fabrication will complete by 2023. More recently, Audi said its goodbyes to R8 with a last lap around Laguna Seca.

This evidence implies that Audi is probably not the direct source of this new prototype, yet it might still be linked, albeit not as squarely.

Reports from our sources suggest that Scherer Sport, a grand motorsport business famously intertwined with Audi Sport’s story, made this vehicle for the circuit. In essence, one could think of them as Audi’s version of Porsche/Manthey Racing – and depending on how close their alliance is, it would not be beyond the bounds of possibility for a joint production to take place. Alternatively, there is a need to contemplate whether Scherer Sport has its own agenda or has allied itself with another firm to create something extraordinary, like Lanzante did with the P1 Spider.

Confirmation of a vehicle’s roadworthiness is evident due to the presence of license plates, and our informants have reportedly uncovered news of a restricted production quantity of 100 models.

If this really is a modeled-after GT3 for public roads, then it could be a formidable competitor to cars like the specifically designed Ford Mustang GTD.

At the forefront, we recognize an entirely reinvigorated bumper accompanied by rugged canards and a very purposeful splitter. The hood – secured with pins – has intake vents that bring to mind the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The ducts atop the wheel arches decrease pressure inside the wheel wells to suppress lift and evacuate heat from brakes. An Abt (world renowned Audi performance providers) license plate holder as well as tow hook were also igniting our attention.

Retreating, a new rooftop unveils with the windowpanes apparently narrower. Seated in the back is a considerable snorkel supplying the robust 5.2-liter V10 and a gargantuan overhanging rear wing. The innovative centerlock wheels together with custom doors, panels and fenders, recently designed rocker panels, a roll cage and an improved engine cover gives away the motor’s intimidating power capability.

We contacted Audi and received this reply: “There are no further models coming to the US. It is possible that this may be a limited edition for other markets.”

We must stay patient until we receive certified facts or dependable surmisings to have a better grasp of the full extent, but it is probable that all will come to light in 2024.

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