Bargain: Nissan Indy Pro V8 Engines On Sale.

$15K for Racing Engine – Great Deal!

In case you have a car for racing use requiring an engine, you will be thrilled to hear that an individual living in Indiana is offering a selection of Nissan Indy Pro Series 3.5-liter V8 motors at the rate of $15,000 each.

Originating from The Drive, these internal dubbed VK45 610A IRL powerplants were developed in the late 1990s and early 2000s specifically for application in the Indy Pro Series. Comprising an aluminum block and heads with a 32-valve V8, and furthermore furnished with molybdenum-coated pistons, this engine is something to be marveled.

As the vendor asserted, these sought after engines were ready for the track and were equipped with Carillo stock, an individually-crafted fuel injection system, titanic valves, billet Bryant crankshafts, and a 10.5:1 compression rate. In their present condition of calibration, they generate 450 hp at 8,100 revs/min and 304 pound-feet of torque at 6,750 revs/min.

We conjecture that adept mechanics and engine aficionados can get greater power from these competition V8s, yet 450 horsepower ought to be abundant for a development racecar.

The motor redlines at 8,200 revolutions per minute and, when integrated into an Infiniti Pro Series race car, can attain velocities in excess of 225 mph. Bearing in mind these are authentic racing engines, we suspect not a lot of hobbyists working on their own 350Z’s will be seeking to incorporate this.

For those looking to construct their ideal competition vehicle, this might be a great opportunity. The vendor reports that the powerplants have been reassembled but have still done several hundred miles with no issues regarding dependability. What’s more is that purchasers will get all the particular information on each engine, such as its mileage and restoration details. Clutches fed with three disc are also an alternative.

It appears that, in a recent Facebook post, a vendor is advertising the engines for sale – with wiring and pin out from Nissan included. Unfortunately, computers are not part of the deal since these were already ordered to be destroyed by Nissan. Nevertheless, buyers can still make this purchase, as the seller offers the option of utilizing either Haltech or Motec engine management systems as alternatives.

For $15,000, it’s surprisingly affordable compared to the original cost of $45,000. That being said, certain engine models have been seen selling for almost double this price. This is a much more economical alternative to a GR Corolla crate engine and easier to obtain as well.

Nowadays, the only models on the road from Nissan with a V8 are the Armada SUV and Titan truck. When it looks to sports car manufactures, such as the modern Nissan Z and GT-R, turbocharged V6s are the favored choice.

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