Bears skillfully break into parked cars, creating chaos at park.

Make sure to secure your doors, especially while in Lake Tahoe.

No matter if you choose to park indoors or outdoors, it is crucial to ensure that your car doors are securely locked. This becomes even more vital when visiting Lake Tahoe in California, as demonstrated by a recent video depicting bold bears effortlessly opening car doors with minimal effort.

A surveillance camera at a residence in Lake Tahoe captured the moment when two bears were exploring a truck and an SUV parked in the driveway on the night of April 13. The distinctive blue Jeep Grand Cherokee was easily identifiable, and the footage also revealed a bear opening the back door of a truck, giving us a glimpse of the interior door panel of a Ram 1500. While the contents of the truck remain unknown, one of the bears (relaxing in the truck bed) becomes curious after the other bear (the one who opened the door) growls from the cab and peers outside.

Black Bears Looking For Food in Unlocked Vehicles || ViralHog

This results in a scuffle on the Ram’s rear quarter panel, likely resulting in some dents and scratches. Bear number one departs to the left while bear number two keeps searching through the truck bed, eventually leaping out a few minutes later. However, the story doesn’t conclude at that point.

The footage fast forwards about 15 minutes, showing one of the bears exiting the Ram’s cabin once again. Suddenly, the outdoor light turns on, revealing the driver’s front door of the truck is now ajar. It remains unknown what kind of damage was caused inside, but it seems that the bear rummaging around didn’t discover a satisfying meal as it heads straight to the Jeep. Interestingly, the back door of the SUV had been open the entire time, suggesting that one bear may have already thoroughly searched the interior. The bear proceeds to open the front passenger door and effortlessly jumps onto the passenger seat. The video cuts off abruptly with the bear still comfortably situated inside.

This is not the initial occurrence of bears prying open car doors. Should individuals persist in neglecting to lock their vehicles in bear territory, it is likely that we will witness more incidents. In fortunate circumstances, only scuff marks and scratches will be left behind as a reminder. For less fortunate car owners, they may find the bear still present inside the vehicle the following morning after inadvertently securing the doors.

Kindly, for the sake of both yourselves and bears globally, make sure to secure your belongings at night. Otherwise, you may find yourself facing an unpleasant situation or a hungry 700-pound predator seeking a midnight snack.

Source: ViralHog / YouTube

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