Beer Bentley’s Honey Beer: Sweet Success!

You Can’t Afford It.

The auto industry is competitive, and goes way beyond HP and aerodynamics. Manufacturers are boldly venturing into new grounds -eyond the sound of revving motors. A classic example of this is Bentley, renowned for luxurious cars, who recently dove into honey-making – proof that extravagance is not only found in cars, but also in other areas.

Bentley set off on an exploration into the realm of bees with the conception of the Excellence Centre for Honey Manufacture at its main base in Crewe. Included as part of the Beyond100 project, this focused on enhancing environmental conservation at the Pyms Lane facility. At present, the center is abuzz with activity boasting 17 hives and maintaining a population of a million bees!

The highlight of this sweet enterprise is the proclamation of the fifth honey yield, flaunting an extraordinary Black Edition Label honey. More than 500 pots of this scrumptious nectar were harvested from the two oldest hives, which were installed back in 2019. Bentley’s internal design squad has contributed their know-how to devise special labelling for both the Black Edition Label and 1,000 containers of “regular” honey taken from the resting hives.

“The unique honey produced by Bentley is not available for sale – it is only gifted at corporate events, customer visits, and charitable causes, in addition to Colleague Reward and Recognition schemes and competitions,” said Sebastian Benndorf, Director of Production Planning at Bentley. “This provides an exciting opportunity to spread awareness about the importance of ecology and the role pollinators play,” he added.

Bentley’s seminal honey-based undertaking not merely boosts their corporate identity, however, it also offers a talking point around environmental accountability. By showing initiative in unorthodox activities, auto manufacturers like Bentley are suggesting that the trail leading to success isn’t necessarily always asphalt-clad and studded with tires anyway; rather, it could also be brought to fruition by the soothing buzz of bees and the savory flavor of golden honey.

Source: Bentley

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