$2M Bentley Batur Production Begins After 58 Weeks

Bentley Tests Grand Tourer Durability

The Bentley Batur, the luxuriously opulent Long-distance vehicle from Crewe, has carried through its rolling out procedure that spanned 58 weeks. To ensure that this vehicular magnum opus lives up to the expectations of their clientele, Bentley went to extraordinary efforts while putting the Batur on the viability trial, specialised handling circuits and tough terrains.

Only a meager 18 models are being produced, but Bentley isn’t taking any prospects for granted. People are shelling out exorbitant money to purchase the bespoke Mulliner edition, therefore it ought to be close to immaculate. The Batur was ruthlessly tested beyond 200 mph daily so that the W12 motor can operate faultlessly.

It is all the more extraordinary that Bentley has carried out a solar loading test on the Batur, subjecting it to 600 hours and replicating the conditions of five years in the Arizona desert. This was done to guarantee that the superior finishes and elaborate paintwork remain in pristine condition for an entire lifespan.

Shown in the image is Car Zero (left) and Engineering Car Zero-Zero (right). Both cars meet the exact same specifications of what will be employed for the 18 production cars. This one finished in a plush hue named ‘Purple Sector’ provides external phrases coated with a high lustre natural fibre feel. Showing off the grille, it obtains an eye-catching Gloss Dark Titanium color along with distinguished chevrons. Additionally, 22-inch Gloss and Satin Black Crystal wheels are adorned on this model.

The second rendition appears magnificent in its Marina Teal metal exterior. This showcases the nearly countless possibilities for customization, and further permits Bentley to measure the strength of these extraordinary finishes.

Apart from the assessments previously mentioned, Bentley decided to take both vehicles on a 1,553-mile journey across Europe to put them in challenging circumstances. Across the course of the development process, more than 800 custom-made components were trialed and evaluated.

Bentley has endeavored to surpass its lofty standards to make sure the Batur surpasses client satisfaction. Potential purchasers can opt for 3D-printed gold inner regulators, for example, which Bentley professes have been evaluated for thermal loading and even imperviousness to suntan lotions.

Bentley is in the process of commencing the manufacture of these remarkable vehicles, each requiring approximately four months to construct. According to the car company, the final result will be available late in the year 2024.

The Batur stands as a commemorative homage to the remarkable twin-turbocharged W12 engine that debuted in the initial Continental GT model. As Bentley pioneers forward into the electric revolution, the Batur is an appropriate farewell to this robust motor. Boasting an impressive 730 horsepower, it’s also the most exceptional form of the engine to date. Consequently, Batur owners can expect a great deal in the near future and look forward to owning something truly exclusive.


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