Bentayga Beauties: Custom Trio Honors 1920s ‘Bentley Girls’

Trailblazing Women Inspire Unique Bentayga Models: Meet Mary, Dorothy, and Diana

Bentley has recently unveiled a unique collection of Bentayga SUVs, paying homage to the legendary ‘Bentley Girls’ – Mary Petre Bruce, Dorothy Paget, and Diana Barnato. In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, these three bespoke luxury vehicles were conceptualized and brought to life by Georgia Gough and Emma Carruthers. The duo set out to capture the essence of these remarkable women in the design and creation of these vehicles, which they believe perfectly embody their extraordinary lifestyles.The first of the three Bentayga SUVs is inspired by Mary Petre Bruce, who was known for her adventurous spirit and love for motorsports. The vehicle exudes a sense of daring and elegance, with its sleek lines and bold color palette. The second one-off Bentayga is a tribute to Dorothy Paget, a renowned horse racing enthusiast and one of the most influential female figures in the sport. This vehicle boasts a sophisticated and refined aesthetic, reflecting Paget’s impeccable taste and style. Finally, the third SUV pays homage to Diana Barnato, a pioneering aviator and the first British woman to break the sound barrier. This vehicle is a true embodiment of Barnato’s fearless and trailblazing spirit, with its powerful

“The contribution of the Bentley Girls to the legacy of Bentley cannot be overlooked,” stated Karen Lange, the Member of the Board for Human Resources at Bentley. “It is imperative that we shed light on their involvement in order to truly understand the history of our company. As we continuously strive to grow the ‘Bentley Family,’ it is necessary to recognize and pay tribute to those individuals who have played a significant role in shaping the Bentley brand we recognize today.”

This particular Bentayga Azure was heavily influenced by Mary Petre Bruce’s Bentley 4½ Litre. In June of 1929, she embarked on a daring feat to set the world record for single-handed driving by piloting the car for 24 consecutive hours. This was no small task, as Bruce had never driven a Bentley before and required additional cushions to reach the pedals. Against all odds, she managed to cover an impressive 2,164 miles during her time behind the wheel. This was just one of the many daring stunts that Bruce pulled off in 1929.

This luxurious tribute to Mary Petre Bruce boasts a Parson Green Pearlescent Paint finish and coordinating leather seats on wheels. The inclusion of 24-karat gold organ stops serves as a symbol of Bruce’s determined spirit, while the elegant Mother of Pearl crossbanded veneer pays homage to one of her most famous sayings: “I was never fond of overalls or slacks, but I always drove in a blouse, tailored skirt, and a string of pearls.”

The Blackline version is an additional highlight that showcases the 4½ Litre’s athleticism. Attention to intricate details such as Bruce’s numberplate, YV 7263, adorned with elegant Mother of Pearl marquetry exudes luxury.

Dorothy Paget, the driving force behind the famed Blower Bentley, was the financial backing for a group of powerful supercharged Bentley racers. Unlike her contemporaries, Paget’s love for speed and performance was unmatched. She fulfilled this passion through racing and made an excellent decision. Although the Blower Bentleys did not achieve any victories, they have solidified their spot in the annals of history as one of the most iconic Le Mans racers globally.

In honor of Paget, the Extended Wheelbase Mulliner has been coated with a vibrant hue known as Blower Green, which is also featured throughout the interior in the form of Cumbrian green leather. This unique Blower Green trim was carefully selected to match one of the Bentley race cars that Paget famously supported.

The Bentayga EWB boasts painted nickel veneer carriers and self-leveling wheel accent bezels, showcasing its exceptional attention to detail. Furthermore, the interior is enhanced with elegant engine-spun aluminum inlays on the fascia, reminiscent of the Blower’s dashboard. According to reports, the personalized Bentayga perfectly captures Paget’s opulent and extravagant lifestyle.

Diana Barnato inherited her love for racing and speed from her father, Woolf Barnato, who was a renowned Bentley racing driver. She had a deep passion for flying, as well as a strong interest in driving and equestrian sports.Her father’s legacy greatly influenced Diana’s love for fast-paced activities, leading her to pursue a career in aviation. Flying was her ultimate passion and she excelled in it, just like her father did in the world of racing.Diana also had a talent for driving and was skilled in equestrianism. These were other hobbies that she enjoyed and excelled in alongside flying.Since her childhood, Diana was surrounded by a competitive spirit and a thirst for adventure, which shaped her into a fearless and determined individual.Despite being born into a family known for their successful ventures in racing, Diana carved her own path and made a name for herself in the aviation industry. She proved her capabilities as a pilot, setting new records and inspiring others with her exceptional skills.In the end, it is evident that Diana inherited her father’s love for speed and competition but managed to establish her own identity in a male-dominated field. She will always be remembered as a talented aviator and a source of inspiration for women in the world of

In 1938, Barnato successfully flew solo at the Brooklands Flying Club with only six hours of instruction. In 1941, she enlisted in the Air Transport Auxiliary and took on the responsibility of delivering planes from factories to Air Force squadrons fighting on the front line. When World War II concluded, she had personally delivered a total of 260 Spitfires and other fighter aircraft to various squadrons.

Although she was often seen cruising in her Bentley 4¼ Litre Park Ward saloon on land, her true passion lay in the skies with her beloved Spitfire aircraft, which served as the inspiration for the custom Bentayga featured here. This particular Bentayga S model boasts a sleek Smoke Green exterior and a green and saddle interior, a subtle tribute to the iconic Spitfire Mk9. To add an elegant touch, the signature Spitfire emblem adorns the D pillar of the vehicle.

Over the past few months, Bentley has unveiled a number of unique Bentaygas, such as the inaugural dual-toned EWB and a Mulliner Bentayga created in tribute to a distinguished veteran.

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