Custom Bentayga: Mulliner Honors War Veteran Through Unique Bentley Design

Stylish SUV nods to bravery of Victoria Cross recipient

Mulliner, the exclusive arm of Bentley, has revealed a unique Bentayga edition inspired by Private Jack White V.C., an iconic British fashion label renowned for its chic outerwear. The brand is named after its founder, who was a distinguished hero during World War I.The bespoke division of Bentley, known as Mulliner, has recently introduced a limited-run version of the Bentayga that pays tribute to the renowned UK fashion house Private Jack White V.C. Known for their trendy coats, the brand’s namesake and founder was a celebrated figure in WWI.

Private Jack White, also known as Jacob Weiss, demonstrated remarkable bravery during an ill-fated attempt to cross the Dialah River in March 1917. As a member of Captain S. Patterson’s Battalion, which comprised of 60 soldiers, White found himself in the midst of intense gunfire while attempting the crossing. The outcome was catastrophic, with several lives lost and vital equipment at risk.Amidst the chaos, White showed quick thinking and selflessness by using a copper telephone wire to tow the boat to safety on the shore. He not only managed to save the life of one of the officers but also ensured that crucial equipment was brought to safety. White’s heroism during this perilous situation was recognized and praised.

Upon his return from the war, White was hailed as a hero and awarded the Victoria Cross for his brave actions. He proceeded to embark on an apprenticeship at a nearby raincoat manufacturing facility, where he swiftly climbed the ladder of success and eventually attained full ownership of the factory in 1937.

In honor of Private White’s courageous acts, Mulliner took inspiration to add distinctive copper elements to the design of the Bentayga. These included piping on the seats, unique embroidery, and custom features. Furthermore, Bentley’s bespoke department decorated the headrests with Victoria Cross emblems as a tribute to White.

The doors and seats showcase neat sewing details, highlighting both fashion and practicality reminiscent of Private White V.C.’s military-influenced apparel. Within the cabin, one can spot multiple Private White V.C. logos, while removable cushions crafted from luxurious Lancashire cashmere fabric pay tribute to Jack White’s regimental blanket pattern.

Additional subtle elements include copper-plated buttons and an outline of the ‘Cottenham House’ factory from Private White V.C. on the car’s dashboard, custom tread plates, and a bulldog stitched onto the door panels as a nod to the brand’s beloved unofficial symbol.

According to the Bentley Azure specification that is applicable to all models, the Mulliner Bentayga Private White V.C. Limited Edition boasts a sleek Dark Sapphire exterior paired with a Blackline Specification and rear privacy glass. Its 22-inch wheels have been custom-made with a bright machine finish, featuring eye-catching copper details and Private White V.C. logos.

The limited edition Bentayga exudes elegance with its incorporation of historical elements, but unfortunately, it is not available for purchase even for those with the financial means. This unique model was created exclusively for a confidential client and includes a special collection of attire from Private White V.C. as an added bonus.

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