BMW Continues to Provide Parts for Classic M1 Supercars and Other Old Models

In-Stock or Custom-Made: A Mix of Old and New Parts Available

No matter the brand or type, all cars inevitably experience wear and tear over time. As they continue to age, they become increasingly challenging to maintain in good condition. This raises the question: how do car manufacturers support owners of vintage vehicles while also earning additional profits? The answer lies in producing replacement parts for models that have been discontinued for several decades. BMW has been successfully implementing this practice for the past three decades.

Since its establishment in 1994 as the precursor BMW Group Mobile Tradition division, BMW Group Classic has been producing parts for older cars. In 2008, the company changed its name, but its commitment to supplying car parts for discontinued models remains unchanged. Surprisingly, many people are unaware that the renowned German luxury brand is involved in the business of selling parts for vehicles that have been out of production for a long time. Curious about this lesser-known aspect of BMW Group, we reached out to a company representative for more information.

As stated by spokesperson Marc Thiesbürger from BMW Group Classic, various car parts are kept in inventory while others are custom-made. Should you want to request a particular component that is currently unavailable, the time frame for delivery will depend on the type of part, the production capabilities of the supplier, and the customer’s location. The organization mainly collaborates with European suppliers to reduce logistics expenses and limit the amount of emissions produced during transportation.

Owners of classic and vintage BMWs often order oil filters and spark plugs as these are the most commonly sought-after products. Typically, these smaller components are in high demand. These new parts, created by the Munich-based brand, are referred to as reproductions. Surprisingly, there are also original components that were made during the car’s initial production period. A specialized section on the BMW Group Classic website displays all available items, including the iconic M1 (E26). For instance, you can purchase a latch striker for both doors of this beloved mid-engined supercar.

Reproduction components are available for vehicles dating back to the 1960s, including the 02 Series introduced in the latter half of that decade. The range of items covers everything from door handles and intake tubes to chrome exhaust finishers and hazard light switches. Support is also offered by BMW for another lineup of cars from that era: the New Six (E3) models. Additionally, pieces for the original 3 Series (E21), 5 Series (E12), and 7 Series (E23) sedans are listed, as well as those for the stunning Z8 (E52) roadster.

There is not a complete catalogue of prices offered, as they greatly differ depending on the country, particularly taking into account the varying global tax rates. These components can be purchased directly at authorized BMW dealers and also at validated partners of the BMW Group Classic. While there are numerous stores located in Europe, there are also some scattered in Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Apart from providing automotive components, the corporation also runs a specialized garage in Munich located at the head office of BMW Group Classic. This workshop caters to older vehicles and Marc Thiesbürger assured us that owners could get support during the process of renovating their cherished vintage BMWs.

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